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Kaliren: Vivaan Send divorce notice, divorce dhamaka ahead


Kaliren: Meera (Aditi Sharma) gets shocked as well as shattered post getting legal divorce notice from Vivaan (Arjit Taneja)

Zee tv’s daily soap Kaliren will witness high voltage drama as Vivaan sends legal divorce notice to Meera.Vivaan and Meera together try to save Pammi as well as Amaya from an evil kidnapper.They get successful in saving Amaya but fails to save Pammi’s life, Vivaan-Meera gets shattered.Vivaan turns furious and asks kidnapper to come in front of him just then he gets the call from the kidnapper.Meera gets shattered as Vivaan decides to legally divorce Meera

Kidnapper manipulates Vivaan and tells him that Meera is responsible for all of this.Vivaan lashes out at Meera and blames her for everything, Meera gets shocked.Later Vivaan sends legal notice of divorce to Meera, she breaks down seeing the legal notice and cries non-stop.Meera and Vivaan are trying to search Pammy and Amyra, Meera and Vivaan managed to save Amyra.Meera and Vivaan are now after Pammy and gets clue of her being in a car, Meera and Vivaan gets major shock when Pammy’s car blasts.

Pammy car blasts and Vivaan is shattered loosing his mother while Vivaan gets a call.Vivaan gets a call which tells Vivaan that Meera is behind all this conspiracy and thus Vivaan bursts at Meera.Vivaan and Meera’s relationship ends,Vivaan is already shattered with what had happened with his mother and now bursts at Meera.

Vivaan will take reverse wedding rounds around the fire and will break all relationship with Meera.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.