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Kamini’s evil game successful KK throws Siasha out of life (Upcoming Story)

Avni Neil's final union Mowgli's happy family dream fulfilled climax revealed


Naamkaran: KK (Zaan Khan) throws Siasha (Payal Bhojwani) out of his life, Kamini’s evil game successful

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Naamkaran is up for some interesting twist and drama.

Kamini isn’t happy with Siasha’s entry in KK’s life and is more irked with Avni for making KK against her and getting him married to Siasha.

KK shows his support for Siasha and pampers her by going against Kamini and thus Kamini is more than furious.

Kamini takes oath to break this relationship of KK and Siasha, Kamini also decides to make KK throw Siasha out of his life.

Kamini’s mission against KK and Siasha successful

Kamini sets perfect trap where Siasha gives hint to Avni about Kamini’s evil practice of child trafficking and Avni comes with Mitali to arrest Kamini.

It turns out to be Kamini’s trap thus KK gets furious over Siasha for raising finger at Kamini and throws her out of his life, Kamini’s mission gets accomplished.

Neil had won Mowgli’s custody and Avni is broken, Neil takes away Mowgli fron Avni and Khanna family welcomes Mowgli home.

Mowgli isn’t happy being away from his mother Avni and asks Neil to get Avni but Neil shows his anger.

While up next will be major drama as Avni will discover Jeetu being in trouble as Kamini is dragging him in child trafficking.

Avni and Neil’s love syappa, final union ahead

Avni is shocked knowing this truth and rushes to save Jeetu and expose Kamini, Avni and Kamini will have their face off.

Kamini will now take her insult revenge from Avni and will send her goons to kill Avni and thus this turn of events will bring Neil to help Avni.

Avni and Neil will get reunited to fight against Kamini and her goons, Stay tuned and Read Naamkaran Written Episode Update for more exciting gossips and updates