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Kasauti Zindagi Kay Update – Komolika takeover Prerna’s place, Anurag degrades Prerna’s love


Kasauti Zindagi Kay: Mishika’s curse turns true Anurag lose Prerna

In the upcoming story of Star Plus popular show Kasauti Zindagi Kay loyal viewers will get to witness shocking twist.It seems Mishika comes to know about Anurag (Parth Samthaan) and Prerna’s (Erica Fernandes) love.

Anurag is shattered as his mother Mohini slips in coma and his life hault there, Nivedita and Komolika instigates Anurag.Anurag is broken knowing that his mother’s this state is due to Prerna and now Nivedita tells Anurag that Mohini wanted him to stay away from Prerna and marry Komolika.

Anurag is Komolika’s passion and she wants to win him anyhow without caring for anyone’s life.Komolika thus tries to make an attempt to kill Mohini but by lord’s grace she gets saved.Fortunately, Moloy comes to know about Komolika’s crime and he slaps her.

Mishika confronts Anurag where Anurag explains his love story with Prerna to her.However Mishika is not interested and curse Anurag that if he cannot marry Mishika than he will never get to marry Prerna too.

Anurag gets shocked and scared but talks to Prerna being unaware about the upcoming storm.Komolika takeover Prerna’s place in Anurag’s heart,Anurag thus decides to do what his mother Mohini wanted and thus organise a party where he announce his marriage with Komolika.

Prerna was present there and breaks down in tears thinking that Anurag has betrayed her.Moloy decides to expose Komolika’s crime but before Moloy could do anything Komolika gets Moloy killed in deadly accident.

Now it would be really interesting to see what new turn will Anurag Prerna’s Kasauti take.Soon Komolika will take over Prerna’s place in Anurag’s heart.Eventually Mishika’s curse turns true where Anurag lose Prerna to Komolika.

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