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Kasautii Zindagi Kay Update: Moloy stops Prerna Navin marriage,Anurag and Mohini’s clash for Prerna


Kasautii Zindagi Kay: Not Anurag but Moloy stops Navin Prerna’s marriage

In the future story of Star Plus popular show Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 viewers will get to witness interesting twist as not Anurag (Parth Samthaan) but Moloy stops Navin Prerna’s (Erica Fernandes) marriage.It seems Anurag gets to know that some problem is going on in Sharma family but Prerna does not share anything with him.Navin and Prerna gets ready for marriage while Prerna gets disowned by her family.Navin will be seen pressurising Prerna for marriage but Moloy will make his timely entry saving Prerna’s from getting sacrificed.

Moloy to pounce back on Navin and Mohini

Navin will blackmail Prerna (Erica FErnandes) and force her to marry him against her wishes.Just when Prerna and Navin are about to get married, Moloy will come to know about it and stops the wedding from taking place.He will further slap Mohini for getting Prerna married to her brother who is much older than Prerna.Moloy will humiliate Mohini and Navin in front of the whole family and stops Prerna from destroying her life.

Prerna and Naveen’s wedding news isn’t digestible by Anurag as he knows Prerna well and realise that there is something fishy.Anurag gets in depth to find truth and talks to his mother Mohini as he knows that only she could stop it.Mohini refuses to help Anurag as she herself wants it and tells Anurag that she can’t do anything as Prerna is ready.

Anurag and Mohini’s clash for Prerna

Anurag has no way out to stop it and thus confess love for Prerna and says that he loves Prerna and thus can’t see her getting married to Naveen.Mohini is shocked to hell and her hatred turns dangerous for Prerna

Will Moloy teach good lesson to Navin and Mohini? Let’s wait and watch.