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Kasautii Zindagi Kay Update: Naveen’s close escape from Anurag, Anurag’s possessiveness for Prerna


Kasautii Zindagi Kay: Anurag hit and miss with Naveen’s real identity

Star Plus popular show will showcase high voltage drama in the upcoming episode.As per the recent track it was seen that Anurag and Prerna were helping Kirti their college friend to elope and get married to her love.During the waiting period, Anurag witness Naveen Babu with a lady but fails to see her face.

Anurag has also seen Naveen getting a call on his phone with the name saved as Jaan and wonders who this lady is and why is he marrying Prerna.

Naveen’s close escape from Anurag

Naveen manages to get a close escape while Anurag stands wondering.It would be really interesting to see if Anurag will try to investigate the matter further or no.Will Anurag turn Prerna’s saviour as he has started getting a special feeling towards her?Prerna has agreed to marry Naveen Babu being unaware about his real business and identity.

Unfortunately, Naveen wants to marry Prerna so that he can export her to Siddhant Chaubhey (Adi Irani) who is Minister by profession and Komolika’s father.Prerna is completely unaware about the upcoming storm in her life if she gets married to Naveen.

Big storm on the way in Perna’s life

Prerna is gradually getting trapped in the web of lies which will lead her to the sex racket.Anurag and Mohini both had seen Naveen with mysterious women and Anurag is a bit doubtful over Naveen.Anurag couldn’t understand the connection amid Naveen and that mystery lady, while decides to not interfere in Prerna and Naveen’s life.Anurag couldn’t ignores as he is affected by Prerna and feels as if she is in big pain.

Anurag’s possessiveness for Prerna

Prerna is also taking forward thus relationship just for family while up next will be new drama.Anurag will decide to reach to the depth of Naveen’s relationship with that lady to secure Prerna.

Let’s wait and watch.