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Kesari Nandan 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Kesari Accepts The Alliance


Kesari Nandan 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update, Kesari Nandan Written Update on

Kesari Nandan 12th March 2019 Episode Start With  Jagat trying to talk to Hanumant. Hanumant asks him to prepare a list and work for the arrangements. Jagat asks is this alliance necessary, can’t you give any other punishment to Kesari. Hanumant asks what did you decide, if you think my decision is wrong, you are my son and its your duty to support me, did Kesari tell you to talk to me. He shouts Kesari. She thinks dad has called her and maybe he changed his mind. She runs to him. Hanumant says you told Jagat that you aren’t happy with this relation. Kesari says yes.

Jagat says its not kesari’s mistake. Hanumant says yes, its her mum’s mistake, Madhavi knew everything and hidden this from us, I have lost my bharat kesari title, my respect, fame and Akhada, people insulted me so much, its all her mistake. He scolds Kesari and indirectly taunts Madhavi. He asks Kesari to forgive him if she thinks he is doing a mistake. Kesari says no, it was all my mistake, I lied, mum explained me, but I got stubborn always, I was wrong, I m sorry. Hanumant says you have to earn my forgiveness by accepting this relation, tell me what do you want to do, decision is yours.

Kesari cries and accepts the alliance. She says I don’t want to hurt you. He says it means you are promising me, you won’t do anything against this alliance. She promises him. He says now none will request me, we shall now do the preparations. Everyone goes. Madhavi cries for Kesari and hugs her.

Bijli teaches roti making to Kesari. Kesari gets an idea and cuts the roti round by a bowl. Bijli asks her not to waste the flour. Kesari says the roti is round like a moon. Bijli says you are smart, I will teach you roti just like you wrestle. The roti burns. Kesari’s hand gets a burn. Madhavi worries and scolds Bijli. Kesari says I told Bijli to teach me making roti, I will prepare breakfast today. Madhavi says I will do this, you go. Choti Maasa comes and asks Madhavi to let Kesari learn cooking.

Jagat and Hanumant are working in the fields. He says you aren’t happy with my decision, the day you become a daughter’s dad, you will understand. Jagat says no, even that day I won’t threaten her to fix her alliance. Hanumant slaps him. He says look around, the burnt fields, I gave freedom to my daughter and this was my mistake, I know she is your sister, you love her and worry for her, don’t forget the difference between a guy and a girl, you don’t need to repeat my mistake, girls have to be in control, else we will get insulted, I will get defamed.


Kesari Nandan 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update Precap: Jagat sings Ek hazaaron me meri behna hai…. He tries to cheer her and asks her to show Kesari Nandan’s face once. Kesari asks him to come for practice. They laugh.


Kesari Nandan Details

The story of ‘Kesari Nandan’ resembles the story of Bollywood Movie ‘Dangal’.The storyline of the show ‘Kesari Nandan’ is inspired by movie Dangal wherein Father makes her daughter wrestler after fighting the society’s norms and stoop thinking that girls can never become wrestler.Kesari Nandan, Hanumant Singh (Manav Gohil) is a wrestling trainer in a small village of Haryana.

The show is based on Aamir Khan’s popular Bollywood movie Dangal. It will focus the bond of father-daughter duo come from from Haryana district. Unlike the movie, which portrayed live of phogat sisters, this new show show will be the story of one girl.


Manav Gohil
Chahat Tewani
Aastha Chaudhary

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min