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Kasautii Zindagi Kay Update: Komolika’s entry spoils Anurag Prerna’s love moment, Naveen’s double game with Prerna and Mohini


Kasautii Zindagi Kay: Komolika’s (Hina Khan) swaggy entry, spoils Anurag (Parth Samthaan) and Prerna’s first moment of love

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 is up for high voltage drama.Anurag and Prerna’s life seems to take new turn where Anurag has started to realise love for Prerna.Anurag also realise that Prerna is marrying Naveen in some pressure and promises to find truth.Anurag and Prerna’s closeness is increasing day by day and finally they come closer by big love realisation on Navratri pooja.

Anurag and Prerna’s love blossoms

This Navratri pooja will also mark entry of Komolika who will fall for Anurag and gets mad to get him.Komolika will take up this challenge to get Anurag and not ready to take defeat.Anurag and Prerna’s life seems to get connected in one way or other, Anurag’s heart has started to beat for Prerna.

Anurag loves Prerna although couldn’t understand it, Anurag and Prerna will now get out of jail as Naveen will them out.Anurag and Prerna’s this Navratri will bring new blossom of love and romance, Anurag and Prerna will turn loveyatri for each other.

Anurag and Prerna’s loveyatri tashan

Anurag and Prerna’s loveyatri tashan will continue and this will make Anurag go a step ahead to break Anurag and Naveen’s alliance.Will Anurag be able to save his Prerna from Naveen’s trapPrerna and Anurag’s jail visit gets them more closer as Anurag realise that Prerna is hiding something big from him.While here Siddhant is a lawyer who comes to bail out Anurag and Prerna, Siddhant praises Anurag and Prerna’s jodi.Naveen is irked but stops himself, Siddhant bails out Prerna and Anurag and Mohini has put tough condition infront of Naveen.

Naveen’s double game with Prerna and Mohini

Naveen wants to choose Prerna but can’t do that and asks his wife for solution and gets a big plan.Naveen has a plan to use one arrow for two targets and traps both Mohini and Prerna.

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