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Krishna Chali London Update: Prashant exposes Radhey, Krishna got kidnapped


Krishna Chali London Update:Krishna got kidnapped and there Prashant plays new game in Krishna Chali London

High voltage melodrama in Star Plus TV Show Krishna Chali London is currently revolving around Krishna (Megha Chakraborty) and Radhey’s (Gaurav Sareen) Mumbai trip.The drastic storm has hit the duos love life as Tatya and his goons kidnap Krishna in Mumbai amid the drug controversy.

While Radhey is left devastated with Krishnas kidnapping, here Prashant finally manages to meet Dubey and Krishnas family.

Prashant exposes Radhey

Prashant finally exposes Radhey’s evil deeds before Dubey which leaves him shocked.While Radhey hid Krishna’s medical exam result because he doesn’t wanted Krishna to part ways from him,

Prashant manipulates the truth revealing Radhey wants revenge and for the same he is ruining Krishna’s career by hiding her result.What will Radhey do now to rescue his lady love?

Will Prashant’s witty move create any further problem in Radhey Krishna’s relationship?