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Krishna Chali London Update: Radhey and Krishnas second marriage, Teary divorce separation


Krishna Chali London: Radhey and Krishnas second marriage post teary divorce separation

In the interesting storyline of Krishna Chali London,The avid fans and the viewers will get to see a major twist in Radhey (Gaurav Sareen) and Krishna’s (Megha Chakraborty) love story.

Earlier seen that how Prashant fuels Radhey against Krishna by talking lusty about Krishna that how Krishna bend before him requesting him to bail out Radhey.Radhey misunderstands the situation and there he part ways from Krishna without clearing off anything with Krishna.

The huge shocker comes for Krishna and Family when Radhey signs divorce papers and does Krishna’s last rites (Shraadh) leaving Krishna broken in tears.

Krishna and Radhey part ways

Where Radhey and Krishna both are hurt and facing a challenging time in their relationship,Will Krishna return back to clear off Radhey’s misunderstandings?Or Krishna will accept Radhey’s decision?

Will Lali be able to unite Krishna Radhey together when amid Navrati pooja Radhey mistakenly fills Krishna’s hairline?

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