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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar ends relationship with Kulfi, Kulfi and Tever new life


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Tever new life with new ambitions and goals

Star Plus daily soap Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is moving forward for some interesting storyline.And finally the day has come when Kulfi and Amyra will move on in their life forgetting all rifts and conflicts they have faced in past days.Sikandar has finally decided to forget Kulfi just for Amyra’s happiness and her sake,

But eventually he is left in deep trauma.Kulfi and Tevar come together,There Kulfi is also upset after parting ways from Sikandar, but now she has decided to move on.Tevar and Kulfi will now come together where soon they will give a rocking performance on Janmashtami eve.Kulfi and Sikandar’s life takes new turn as Kulfi had gone away from Sikandar, Tevar takes away Kulfi.Kulfi asks Sikandar to make promise that he will come to meet her and Sikandar agrees but this is followed by new twist.

Amyra puts forward a condition infront of Sikandar to never see Kulfi’s face again in his life and tells Sikandar that if he will meet Kulfi then she will break all relationship with him.Sikandar and Kulfi’s final separation ,Sikandar is taken a back as he loves Kulfi like his daughter Amyra but is left in a tight spot.Sikandar doesn’t know what to do infront of Amyra and Lovely’s thus warning to keep away from Kulfi.

Will Sikandar and Kulfi ever come together..?? It would be quite interesting to watch what will happen next in the show.

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