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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Update 11th March 2019 – Sikandar discovers horrifying truth


Coming up storyline in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will see major confrontation amid Sikandar and Lovely.Sikandar finally tracks down dark ruby drug which is given to Amyra.Thus he handovers the dealer of dark ruby to the Policeman and now a big shock to Sikandar, Lovely only drugged Amyra.

Sikandar loses his control while he is really heart broken over how Lovely risked her own daughter’s life to separate Kulfi from him.

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar discovers the never expected dark truth. Kulfi struggles while she finds a way to convince the dog for getting chained. She shares her food with the dog and asks him to accept the chain. The dog barks at her. Sikandar attempts to get his answers, but gets chased by police. He rushes out of the black market. Kulfi falls in trouble and shouts to Sikandar for taking help. Sikandar senses her hearty call and gets upset for a while. He fails to see her picture. He gets the poison and wonders where had he seen this bottle before. He feels he has sighted a similar bottle at home. Kulfi sheds tears in fear when the dog approaches close. The dog doesn’t bite her.

Kulfi has the big task to accomplish. Sikandar rushes home to search for the bottle. He senses Lovely’s lie when he finds the bottle. He can’t believe what thought is flashing in his mind. Amma asks Kulfi to attempt convincing the dog again. Sikandar shatters when he discovers the shocking truth that Lovely has fed the poison to little Amyra. Meanwhile, Kulfi wants to know about convincing the dog.

Sikandar fights with his own dilemma as on one side, Amyra’s health is detriorating while Kulfi is still missing.

She seeks help from Rajan. She asks him to help her in helping the other kids. She promises to clean the kitchen if he helps her. She finds her a good soul and gives her a clue. Kulfi asks the boy to help her in solving the clue. The boy helps her by solving the puzzle. Kulfi doesn’t want to get punished again. She wants to leave the remand home after uniting the kids with their parents. Sikandar plans to catch Lovely red-handed in the crime. He places the poison bottle in her cupboard to see her reaction. Lovely destructs the evidence against her. Kulfi visits the storeroom and gets scared by the dark place. She wants to find some clue by which she can fulfill the task given by Amma. Kulfi gets saved from Amma.

Lovely gets big time confronted by Sikandar. He can’t believe that she can turn so evil to risk her own daughter’s life. Kulfi learns that the dog was much loved by a man Manohar. She finds a way to revive Manohar’s memories and befriend the dog.

Sikandar plays the video of Lovely’s crime and confronts her for her huge crime. Lovely has no answers to give him. She tries to trick him by her lies once again. She gets caught and accepts that she has fed the poison to Amyra to bring him back in their lives. She tells Sikandar that she did this to make him away from Kulfi. Sikandar feels disgusted watching her crocodile tears.

Lovely gets threatened by his prolonged silence. Sikandar finally breaks his silence and reprimands Lovely for her unforgivable crime. He wonders if Amyra knows about about her mother’s crime. Lovely doesn’t reveal that she had convinced Amyra for drinking the poison. He can’t believe that Lovely has crossed all the limits of sanity and takes the worst step of poisoning Amyra. Lately, Kulfi reaches the dog to sing the melodious song. She finally succeeds in Amma’s task and gets her freedom as well. What lies in Kulfi’s future? Keep reading and do shoot your comments below about this very post and show’s track.

Sikandar’s all efforts in finding Kulfi goes in vain,Will Sikandar save Kulfi and Amyra before it gets too late?Or something really unexpected will happen with Amyra and Kulfi?

Let’s wait and see what happens next.