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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Update : Kulfi snatches fatherhood rights,Sikandar and Kulfi’s union


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi (Aakriti Sharma) snatches fatherhood rights from Sikandar (Mohit Malik), marks exit

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is up for high voltage drama.Kulfi is going away from Sikandar as per Lovely’s deal made with Sikandar, Sikandar is not happy.Kulfi is shattered as Sikandar makes a choice where he choose Amyra over her.Sikandar had to take this decision as Amyra’s life is in danger and finally he had to take this decision.Kulfi takes decision to leave Sikandar as she realise that she is the reason of Sikandar’s all troubles.

Sikandar feels devastated with the fact that he has choosen Amyra over Kulfi.Kulfi Kumar Spirit drama next. Sikandar decides to send Kulfi to the boarding school. He gets heartbroken and tells Lovely that he is ready to send Kulfi away from him forever. Sikandar is upset that he is losing Kulfi. He has shattered while accepting Lovely’s condition. Lovely has finally succeeded in breaking Sikandar and Kulfi’s bond. Sikandar has decided to send Kulfi away from his house and family. This decision breaks his heart. He shatters and apologizes to Lord. He tells Lord that Kulfi loves him a lot, she regards him everything and now he is helpless to send her away just because of Amyra. He feels he is doing injustice with Kulfi. Lovely tells Sikandar that he shouldn’t meet Kulfi ever. She reminds that he was going to lose Amyra. She compels him to sign Kulfi’s hostel admission forms.

Kulfi shatters with this injustice. She can’t believe that Sikandar has chosen his family over her. Kulfi challenges Nimrat to come on the earth and save her, if she can’t see the injustice happening with her. Kulfi compels her mother to return by risking her life. She stands in front of the speeding truck to give up on her life. Kulfi closes eyes and gets ready to die, but Nimrat’s spirit saves Kulfi’s life.

Kulfi is shattered as Sikandar had made a choice in tough situation where he choose Amyra’s life over Kulfi.Kulfi knows that she is the reason of all troubles in Sikandar’s life and decides to go away and this time to never return back.Here Sikandar learns a major fact as he gets Nimrat’s dairy which mentions that Kulfi is her and Sikandar’s daughter.

Here Sikandar gets Nimrat’s dairy and he is left shocked as he finds that Kulfi is Nimrat’s daughter.Sikandar finds that Kulfi is his and Nimrat’s daughter and rushes to stop her from going away and hugs Kulfi.Sikandar and Kulfi’s relationship unveils,Sikandar tells Kulfi that he is her father and will not let her go away from him, while here Kulfi is in tears as she tells Sikandar to stay away.Sikandar gets super happy and things are going out of hand and now Sikandar will hug Kulfi and ask her to not go as she is his daughter.

Here he will soon learn a shocking fact that Kulfi is his daughter and is connected to Nimrat.Nimrat returns for her daughter. She can’t deny Kulfi’s hearty call. Lovely gets happy seeing the signed admission papers. Nimrat’s spirit reaches Lovely and ruins the papers by spilling water on it. Lovely loses the papers. The papers fly down the balcony. Lovely runs to catch the papers. She is about to fall down the balcony. Sikandar stops Lovely and saves her life. He asks her if she has gone mad. She gets happy seeing his concern. She tells him that they are doing this for Amyra’s life and future. When she hugs Sikandar, Nimrat’s spirit scares Lovely. Nimrat’s soul answers Kulfi and wants to teach a lesson to Lovely. Nimrat sees Sikandar in pain and wants to bring him together with Kulfi. Nimrat’s soul will be uniting Sikandar and Kulfi by bringing out the huge truth that Kulfi is their daughter.

Sikandar is shocked and happy to know that Kulfi is his and Nimrat’s daughter and hugs her but Kulfi seems too silent.Kulfi stops Sikandar and asks him to move on in his life where there is Amyra and Lovely and leaves from Sikandar’s life.Kulfi knows that Sikandar had made promise to Lovely and thus asks him to move back in his life and snatches fatherhood rights from Sikandar.

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