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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Update: Sikandar shames Lovely of her affair, Sikandar in dilemma over Kulfi or Amyra


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely’s shocking condition Sikandar in dilemma over Kulfi Amyra

Star Plus melodramatic series Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is gearing up for a major confrontation between Lovely and Sikandar.Lovely and Tevar’s past relation finally got revealed to Sikandar where Sikandar is shattered to know that Amyra is Tevar’s daughter.

Sikandar is broken tears with Lovely’s drastic betrayal and her big fat lie to him,While Sikandar steps up to reveal the truth to Tevar, Lovely stops him confessing a big condition which comes as a huge shocker for Sikandar.

Sikandar chooses Amyra

Sikandar wants Tevar to learn the truth but Lovely makes Sikandar realize that Amyra believes him as her father and he will never accept Tevar.Lovely questions Sikandar if he will be able to confess this truth to Amyra and if he will bring that girl Kulfi to their house whose father is yet not known,

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is witnessing a lot of melodrama in Sikandar’s life…Where Tevar and Amyra’s blood relation has left Sikandar all shattered and broken,Sikandar now confronts Lovely over her big fat lie.

Lovely questions Sikandar

Lovely stands mock while Sikandar questions Lovely about her affair with Tevar and their daughter.Sikandar lastly ends up taking a big decision that he will reveal the truth to Tevar,But Lovely twists entire truth and questions Sikandar’s fatherhood and asks him if Amyra will accept this truth when she believes that Sikandar is her father.

While Sikandar gets stuck in big dilemma, Lovely asks Sikandar to either choose Amyra or Kulfi..?What will be Sikandar’s final decision?

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