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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal’s awkward behaviour gets Mauli doubt


Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini’s (Drashti Dhami) pakora party for Kunal, Mauli (Aditi Sharma) doubtful

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is up for major drama.Kunal, Mauli and Nandini returns home after their rain fun and Kunal is lost exploring his weird feeling for Nandini.Kunal gets conscious and tries to avoid Nandini and even avoids eye contact with Mauli, Mauli notices Kunal’s weird behaviour.While Kunal express his wish to eat pakora to Mauli while Nandini offers to make it for Kunal, Kunal feels awkward.Mauli notices Kunal’s behaviour

Mauli notices Kunal’s weird behaviour towards Nandini and gets suspicious over what Kunal is thinking.Will Mauli be able to find truth that Kunal is actually falling for Nandini and trying to avoid her.Kunal gets attracted towards Nandini seeing her dancing in rain. Mouli is happy to see Nandini dancing and doesn’t realize her husband getting closer to Nandini. She thinks Nandini is shedding her fears and doing what she likes. Kunal’s hand gets burnt. Nandini keeps his hand in the water pot and shows concern for him. Kunal gets touched. He fights with his emotions and thinks why is he getting attracted to Nandini. He tells himself that Nandini is their friend and he shall hide his feelings. He couldn’t take off Nandini from his mind.

Kunal and Nandini’s romance will be seen as part of a dream sequence. Kunal romances Mauli. He gets a big shock when he visualizes Nandini. He realizes that he is growing feelings for Nandini, which isn’t right. He falls in a dilemma.Mauli feels Kunal is not behaving normal. She wonders what’s the reason. She is doing a lot for Nandini to get her out of her life’s crisis. She goes out of limits for Nandini to help her in the bad times. She can never imagine that Kunal is falling for Nandini. Kunal tries to avoid Nandini. Nandini tells Mauli that she has prepared the food. Kunal gets helpless and gets smitten by Nandini’s affection. Mauli asks Kunal is there is anything wrong, what’s bothering him. He doesn’t know how to tell Mauli about his emotional turmoil.

Nandini is happy as she has started to move on in her life siding the fear of Rajdeep.Rajdeep will soon get out of jail and is bailed out and is ready to create trouble for Nandini and take revenge from her.Rajdeep kidnaps Nandini,Rajdeep will kidnap Nandini and attempts to torture her and Kunal gets in action to save her and will have fierce fight with Rajdeep.Kunal takes action hero avatar shielding Nandini and this will bring most iconic moment of love confession for Kunal and Nandini.

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