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Laal Ishq 29th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Nain’s Cat Meenu Returns As Human


Laal Ishq 29th July 2018 Written Episode Update, Laal Ishq Written Update on

Laal Ishq 29th July 2018 Episode Start With A girl Nain is sound asleep on her bed when door opens and an invisible man enters and romances her. Someone watches from keyhole. Next morning, Nain plants rose plant in her terrace garden and says speaks to her pet Meenu cat as her friend and says Dushyanth is coming to see her and she is speaking to him since some days. An invisible man enters and breaks all pots. Nain scolds Meenu but does not find it around. Her mother calls her and asks her to get ready and stop roaming with Meenu, she has grown up now and will be marrying soon, she has hired a gardenerer for their garden also now. After sometime, Nain’s father Bhuvan’s friend brings Dushyanth with him and introduces as his friend’s son and lost his parents 3 months ago, he is very sanskari boy and is in Nain’s touch.

Dushyanth nervously says his house. Uncle says Dushyanth wants to sell his house. Parents go to call Nain. Nain goes to her garden and sees plants missing, scolds Meenu thinking he must have took them, then gets happy seeing roses on yesterday’s planted plant. She then sees an African man with cat eyes and asks if he is new gardener. Dushyanth walks in and introduces himself. Naina says he looks handsome in DP, but so so in direct. She continues blabbering. Dushyanth says her eyes are very beautiful. She says that is why her name is Naina, and he is more handsome than his DP. Dushyanth says he cannot marry her. She asks if someone badmouthed about her or if she is not beautiful. He says he did not say that. Their heads strike and their eyes meet. They stand gazing into each other’s eyes. A romantic song plays in the background. Naina’s uncle wit parents comes and says he knew they would like each other and fixes their marriage. African man looks at them from a distance.

After Naina and Dushyanth’s marriage, Naina waits for Dushyant on well decorated bed on her suhagraat for Dushyanth. She blabbers he is taking so much time. She plays with rose petals and sees thorns on bed instead and gets afraid, then sees flowers and thinks she is very sleep, so she is imaginging things. She falls asleep. Invisible man opens door and walks in. With sclosed eyes, she thinks Dushyaynth came and asks why did he come so late, have milk kept on bed. She hears him drinking milk like animal and asks how is he drinking milk. Invisible man then goes on bed and tickles her. She laughs and asks to stop. Dushyanth sitting in next room gets nervous. Door opens. Nain and invisible man’s romance continues. Next morning, Naina wakes up smiling and sees Dushyath sleeping on couch, wakes him up and asks why is he sleeping here, if she kicked him from floor as she becomes Bruce Lee in sleep. Dushyanth nervously sits. She holds his hand and gets romantic. African man looks at them from glass window. Dushyanth nervously pushes Nain. Nain continues her romance and says he was very romantic at night, but now acting so innnocent. Dushyanth says it was not him, asks her to go and take bathe now. She walks into bathroom and keeping door open asks him to loosen her bjouse thread. He walks in. She gets romantic under shower. Dushyanth gives up. African man looks from garden. Dushyanth then sits for breakfast. Servant serves him breakfast and asks if he should serve it to new bride. Dushyanth yes, she must be in room. Servant checks and informs she is not there. Nain walks to garden and gets happy seeing all her plants there. She then sees African gardener and asks if Dushyanth hired you here. Man continues digging ground with his hands. Nain says her friend Meenu digs ground similarly for her and they play a lot Dushyanth hears her laughing with someone and runs out. African man gives her rose. Nain turns seeing Dushyanth and gives him rose saying it is his garden’s rose. Dushyanth says he does not have rose plants and is shocked to see rose plants all around garden. Nain thanks him to hiring same gardener. Dushyanth says he did not hire anyone. Nain continues blabbering and collapses. Dushyanth rushes her to room and tries to wake her up.

At Nain’s house, her father tells mother she will tell everything to Nain. Mother asks not to. Father says it is better they inform her before someone else knows about it. Dusyanth rests on sofa. Nain’s room door opens and then closes. Invisible man romance Naina roughly. Meenu with closed eyes thinking him as Dushyanth asks him to not tickle her, be gentle. Dushyanth hears that and tries hard to open door, but it is locked. He peeps from keyhole and sees Nain laughing and bedsheet crimpling. Once finished, invisible man walks out opening door. Dushyanth rushes in and waking up Nain asks whom she was speaking to. She says he romanced her and is acting now, shows nail marks on her hands. He says it was not him, he is impotent and is under treatment, that is what he wanted to tell her, but loves her immensely and she can leave him if she wants. Someone else disguised as him is romancing her. Naina gets tensed and says she is happy that he loves her immensely and is happy with him, he should find out who the culprit it. Dushyanth says he will find out tonight and fixes CCTV cameras at home. African man gets angry.

Nain sees roses burning and runs to garden crying. She then gets happy seeing her pet Meenu cat, lifts it and plays. Dushyanth sees no one and asks whom she is speaking to. Nain continues playing with Meenu. Meenu turns into African man. Nain is shocked to see that and collapses. Meenu lifts her and takes her near lake, digs ground, lies Nain into pit and himself lies. Mud covers them. Dushyanth searches Nain, rushes to her parent’s house and asks if Nain came here. They say no. He asks who is Meenu. Parents show Meenu and Nain’s photos. Dushyanth relaxes seeing cat and says Nain was playing with Meenu. Parents are shocked and inform Meenu died 10 days ago and they buried it. Dushyanth connects the whole story and says Nain considers her pets are a human and loved them a lot, so Meenu returned as human and was speaking to Nain and took her with, where did they bury it, Nain must be there. Parents take him there. He digs ground and find Nain there with Meenu’s body. They take Nain out and show Meenu’s body and ask to forget Meenu and let it go. Nain cries a lot and buries Meenu in ground and afrer some days keeps rose plant on Meenu’s grave.


Laal Ishq 4th August 2018 Written Episode Update Precap :  Next week’s new story’s promo is shown.


Laal Ishq Details

Laal Ishq is an Indian Hindi TV show which will air on &TV (And TV). The show bring interesting love tales with paranormal twists. The show is being produced by Dipti Kalwani’s Sunny Side Up and Kabir Sadanand’s Frogs Unlimited. The show will showcase different stories which will have an offbeat love stories with supernatural twists.

Cast : 

Mahi Vij
Zain Imam
Priyank Sharma
Preetika Rao
Sayantani Ghosh
Niti Taylor
Karam Rajpal

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min