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Ladies Special 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Amar’s Heart Fails


Ladies Special 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update, Ladies Special Written Update on

Ladies Special 13th March 2019 Episode Start With Prarthana reaches office reminiscing Meghna revealing that Viraj loves her. She smiles at Viraj and walks into her cabin. Viraj walks behind her and gives her application for recommendation letter. She gives him song recording money cheque. He excitedly says her first recording was successful then. Prarthana sees application and thinks if he really wants to go and asks if he will join new company after getting recommendation letter. He says he will go on vacation. She thinks he is very happy to leave job and go away from her. He thinks she is excited to send him away. They both continue thinking same and think they should express what is in their mind at least now.

At hospital, Bheem Singh tries physiotherapy on Mota pappa and says he has to do exercise and get well for Amar’s sake. Mota papa says he will and Bheem will help him. Bheem excuses him and walks out crying thinking of Amar’s condition. Bindu returns from temple. Moti mamma says Mota pappa is doing exercise for Amar’s sake. Bindu says Amar would be very happy seeing this. In ICU, nurse sees Amar’s heart beat fluctuating and calls Dr. Shroff. Dr. Shroff runs into ICU room. Mota pappa and mamma get tensed seeing that and ask if Amar is fine.

Mandar’s son Sachin rides his new cycle and asks his friend if it is nice. Friend says he and Swapna got very nice cycles and requests for a ride, but Sachin gets adamant. Mandar gets angry seeing his son’s adamancy. He walks to Meghna and says she is spoiling children by giving them unwanted luxuries and informs how adamant Sachin was. Meghna says there is nothing wrong to give a better life to their children. Mandar says there is no need to pamper them too much that start thinking they are special. Meghna argues that her children will not suffer like her and let them feel they are special. Their argument continues. Jyoti enters and asks them to stop fighting and think about business. Mandar walks away. Jyoti says they got business enquiry on their web page. Meghna says she already got a call and informed that finance head will contact them.

Meghna returns and tells father that she has a good news for him. He says even he has a good news and shows exclusive contract to sing bhajans at a religious place every Thursday for 2 hours for 20000 rs salary. Meghna rejoices hearing that and shows her first singing cheque. Father and Rachna are surprised to see 45,000 rs cheque for a single song. Viraj suggests to spend it on herself. Viraj murmurs in her ears to save it in her secret account. Rachna asks what are they discussing. Prarthana says she cannot hide it from family anymore. Viraaj says Madam is saving money in her secret account since she was 16-year-old and had saved 2 lakhs which she gave it to Puneeth. Prarthana says she wants to save money and buy her own house.

Doctors try to revive Amar’s heart beat and perform electrical cardioversion on him. His heart stops beating. Doctor gives up. Kangana walks out and informs family that Amar’s heart failed.


Ladies Special 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna offers to buy a new cycle to Jyoti’s son. Jyoti says no need for that, she will stretch her legs according to her blanket and does not need anyone’s help. Bindu says god will save Amar. Kangana says it is just a false hope. Bindu says it is her belief.


Ladies Special Details

Ladies Special Season 2 (Hindi: लेडीज स्पेशल सीजन 2) is an upcoming Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Chhavi Pandey, Bijal Joshi, and Girija Oak in lead role. This serial is made under the Production of Optimystix Entertainment. It is Starts/Launch on Coming Soon in 2018. This serial Replace to KBC 10.Ladies Special is popular show an of Sony Entertainment Television (India). This show was Telecasted on 25 May – 9 December 2009. The show makers are come back with her second season.

The first season of Ladies Special was completely about the story of 4 leading ladies who traveled by train in the show and then their lives story were started in parallel way. At that time, the Ladies Special Season 2 show was not that much appreciated by the audience. So that’s why the makers of the show are planning to bring second season.

Cast : 

Girija Oak
Chhavi Pandey
Bijal Joshi

Seasons : 2 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min