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Ladies Special 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update

Meghna’s Superego


Ladies Special 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update, Ladies Special Written Update on

Ladies Special 23rd April 2019 Episode Start With Bindu informs Mota pappa and mamma that Kangana asked to meet her, so she wants to go, but Amar will not let her go out of house. Mota pappa says once Amar leaves for hospital, she can go. Amar walks to them and says he is not going to hospital today and will be with Bindu to take care of her. Mota pappa says good he is taking leave, he can accompany for regular checkup. Bindu backs Mota pappa.

Prarthana meets Meghna at local railway station and explains her ordeal that she is not getting job even after attending so many interviews, she is amazed with this negative response and is thinking of changing profession. Meghna doubts Viraaj and says all men are same, even Mandar went against her and left house like Jyoti left her, she can understand Jyoti as she is a friend, but Mandar being her husband left her alone; if she apologizes them, they will think they are right and she is wrong and if she does not, they think she is arrogant, she is stuck both ways. She continues. Her train comes and she leaves. Prarthana walks reminiscing Viraaj requesting her not to leave job and Viraaj on the other side reminiscing Prarthana rejecting his proposal saying he would have trusted her and did not lie.

Bindu meets Kangana who informs her that there are 2% changes of Amar’s recovery with surgery, reminiscing her father telling if surgery fails Amar may become totally paralytic. She asks Bindu to convince Amar for surgery. Bindu returns home. Amar gives her medicine and asks her not to hope of his recovery. She says there are 2% chances of recovery with surgery. He asks how does she know and reminisces Kangana insisting him to undergo surgery and realizes she must have brainwashed Bindu.

Jyoti meets her husband in jail who asks if she arranged for his bail. She says she is trying. He suggests her to reaccept Meghna’s job as he cannot survive without money. In Meghna’s factory, employee returns from village with her relatives and requests Mandar to let them stay in factory tonight till she arranges their accommodation. Santosh opposes and yells it is not dharamshala. Mandar warns to just look at finance and not interfere. Meghna walks in. Mandar takes her aside and explains situation. Meghna shouts how can he let anyone in factory without her permission. Mandar days he has promised to let them stay here. Meghna says he cannot do anything without her permission. Mandar says he will arrange an accommodation with his money. Meghna says he cannot do even that as he has family. Mandar takes her out and their argument continues. Meghna warns that only she can take decision and she will let them stay in factory. Mandar says she just wants to oppose his decision and if this continues, he will not work for him. Meghna continues her adamancy.


Ladies Special 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna requests Jyoti to return back to work. Jyoti says when she does not respect her husband, how will she respect a friend. Kangana’s father


Ladies Special Details

Ladies Special Season 2 (Hindi: लेडीज स्पेशल सीजन 2) is an upcoming Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Chhavi Pandey, Bijal Joshi, and Girija Oak in lead role. This serial is made under the Production of Optimystix Entertainment. It is Starts/Launch on Coming Soon in 2018. This serial Replace to KBC 10.Ladies Special is popular show an of Sony Entertainment Television (India). This show was Telecasted on 25 May – 9 December 2009. The show makers are come back with her second season.

The first season of Ladies Special was completely about the story of 4 leading ladies who traveled by train in the show and then their lives story were started in parallel way. At that time, the Ladies Special Season 2 show was not that much appreciated by the audience. So that’s why the makers of the show are planning to bring second season.

Cast : 

Girija Oak
Chhavi Pandey
Bijal Joshi

Seasons : 2 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min