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Main Maike Chali Jaungi Update: Samar honeymoon plan, Jaya cooks up blunder


Main Maike Chali Jaungi: Samar’s (Namish Taneja) honeymoon plan with Jaya (Srishti Jain) cooks up new trouble

The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Main Maike Chali Jaungi is up for high voltage drama.Samar tries to woo back Jaya and apologize for what all happened while both now unites with love.Rama now asks Jaya to get ready for muhdikhayi ceremony and tells her that it is going to be new beginning for her.Rama wants Jaya to meet everyone and enjoy these new relationship of love and affection, Jaya is happy too.

Jaya’s new blunder

While here Jaya’s one blunder will cook up new trouble and dhamaka, Jaya’s gift swap creates new fiasco.Surana family had to get embarrassed infront of all because of Jaya and Jaya is helpless, will Jaya be able to handle this situation.Satya brings Jaya back to Surana house and apologize for ruining muhdikhayi ceremony but Rama consoles her.

Jaya is much miffed with Samar as they had fight and Rama asks Samar to win back Jaya’s heart.Samar thus cheers up Jaya and apologize for what all he said, while now muhdikhayi ceremony is organized again.Jaya had to prepare gifts for guests and takes suggestion from Satya who asks her to give away extra gifts which she received in wedding.

Jaya cooks up blunder

baya’s this obedience for Satya turns up new blunder and dhamaka as guests gets their gifts back and feels embarrassed.Rama is also embarrassed with it but couldn’t say anything, Jaya goes to apologize to Rama for what all happened.

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