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Manmohini Update: Mohini makes place in Raam’s heart, Raam recalls Mohini and his life


Flashbak Love Story of two warriors Raam and Mohini begun in Manmohini

One of the most thriller passionate love saga of ZEE TV ‘Manmohini’ is close to reveal Raam (Ankit Siwach) and Mohini’s (Reyhna Malhotra) past love life.Mohini finally made her place in haveli where Devki Daayimaa believed Mohini’s lie that she is Hukum Singh’s daughter.

And the love story begins when Mohini enters haveli in the arms of her love Raam, she recalls the past life when Raam and Mohini first met in the lands of Behramgarh.

Raam recalls Mohini and his life

Meanwhile, Raam also gets some flashbacks of past when Mohini tells her name to everyone.Raam gets past vibes as he hears Mohini’s name, he feels strange recalling the time when his mother tells Raam that a wedding alliance from a royal family came for him today.Mohini also recalls her grah pravesh in Haveli, while she has now determined to make Raam recall their love.

Raam has brought Manmohini home and Daimaa is totally against it as she fears that it’s dangerous for Raam.Daimaa knows that chudail Mohini is after Raam and she can’t let her win while Mohini makes super excuse.Mohini says that she is Hukum Singh’s granddaughter and he had sent her hear and Daimaa agrees.

Mohini’s love makes Raam mad

Daimaa is unaware that she has invited new trouble for Raam, Mohini used her old love magic to make place in Raam’s heart.Siya is much sad seeing Raam’s increasing closeness with Mohini and knows that their relationship is weakening.

It will be super exciting to watch what will happen next in the show and what happened with Raam and Mohini.

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