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Mariam Khan Reporting Live Update: Manjeet Fawad’s first meeting


Mariam Khan Reporting Live: Manjeet Fawad’s first meeting sparks emotions

In the upcoming twist of Star Plus popular show Mariam Khan Reporting Live loyal viewers will get to witness generation leap where Mariam will be seen with new identity as Manjeet Kaur (Mahima Makwana).Manjeet aka Mariam will be seen an OLA cab driver where she does this work to fulfil her daily needs and necessities of life.

Manjeet will be seen waiting for her client where Fawad (Param Singh) jumps up on the car making to reach on time.

Mariam shocked to see Majaaz’s photo with Fawad

Mariam gets surprised with Fawad’s unexpected entry and she gives him her hand to support him.However, Mariam further gets shocked seeing father Majaaz’s photo in Fawad’s file and gets emotional while Fawad stands in confused state.

Mariam changes her identity and gets a new name Manjeet Kaur.Earlier Mariam used to live a Muslim lifestyle but now she will be seen living as a Hindu Punjabi girl.As Mariam grows up she turns more independent and will be seen driving OLA cab to live her life.

Manjeet moves on in life but to soon fact past story once again

It would be really interesting to see how destiny will reconnect Manjeet back to Mariam.

To know what twist awaits in Mariam aka Manjeet’s life, keep reading