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Mere Sai 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Kulkarni Punishes Govinda


Mere Sai 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update, Mere Sai Written Update on

Mere Sai 10th April 2019 Episode Start With Kulkarni continues yelling at Chihu and says she will lead an actual widow life with seclusion, spiceless food, and isolation from any rituals and functions. Govinda confronts him and says it is not aayi/mother’s mistake. Kulkarni says let him who will save him now, even Keshav is not present here. He brutally twists Govinda’s ears. Govinda shouts in pain. Srikanth pleads Kulkarni to listen to him, nothing wrong happened here. Kulkarni warns him to dare not speak. Govinda bites Kulkarni’s hand and runs to Srikanth and hugs him tightly. Kulkarni orders Anta and Panta to drag Govinda to his room and then tells Srikanth that he is king of Shirdi and Srikanth should not enter his house again. Srikanth walks away feeling sad for Govinda.

Sai informs handicap man that his brother does not have real will in which his father had divided property between 2 brothers, so 1000 rs he got from selling precious stone belongs to him now. His brother apologizes him and says he thought his brother is handicap and would be dependent on him whole life, so he does not need any property. His wife accepts her mistake and apologizes. Sai asks handicap man to forgive his brother as he apologizing by heart. Handicap man forgives his brother and says he does not have any other family than his brother’s and he cannot think of a life without them. Both brothers thank Sai, and Sai walks away smiling.

Kulkarni sitting on his swinger fumes reminiscing yesterday’s incident and people peeping into his house. A barber who borrowed money from him walks to him and says he cannot pay this month’s interest as his wife fell ill and his house needed immediate repair. Accountant yells if he does not pay interest, he will face dire consequences. Barber pleads Kulkarni to give him some time. Kulkarni kicks him and says he has to pay both principal and interest by evening, else be ready to lose his house. Accountant informs he needs to pay 15 rs in total. Barber pleads how will he gather 15 rs till evening. Anta and Panta kick him out of Kulkarni’s house. He walks on road engraped in thoughts and people ask him how did he get injured. He is about to slip on a ditch when Sai holds him and applies medicine to his injury. Barber says he treated his external wound, will he treat his internal wound also, how will he pay 15 rs to Kulkarni till evening. Sai says maybe some kind person will help him and he should trust god. Barber thinks he should not wait for god’s help and should try to gather some money to repay Kulkarni’s interest and seek some time from him.

Kulkarni walks into home for breakfast and asks Rukmini if Chihu and Govinda are still sleeping and orders that Govinda will not go to school and Chihu will have only 1 spiceless bland meal a day. Rukmini says she did not speak yesterday as he was angry, he should not be so harsh on his sister as Chihu tai cannot have bland food. Kulkarni says nobody should dare to oppose his decision in this house and leaves out of station.

Srikanth waits for Sai in Dwarkamayi and once Sai comes says he was waiting for him since long. Sai asks if he is alright. Srikanth says he is, but… In Kulkarni’s house, Rukmini walks to Chihu’s room and offers food. Chihu says if her husband knows she served more than 1 meal, he will scold her, so she can go. She then goes to Govinda and asks him to wake up, panics seeing him having high fever, calls Rukmini and asks her to convince dada/Kulkarni to give medicine to Govinda. Rukmini says Kulkarni has gone out and even servants are not at home. Chihu pleads to do something. Sai senses Govinda’s trouble and asks Srikanth to follow him. Rukmini thinks only Sai can help her, but even Chihu does not like Sai like her brother, but she does not mind if she can save Govinda. She walks out of house and sees Sai coming to her. Sai says he knows what happened yesterday. Chihu says Govinda is having high fever. Sai gives holi ash and says everything will be alright. Rukmini thanks him and rushes to Govinda.


Mere Sai 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Bheema’s friends ask him who is this man, showing Sai. Bheema says Sai who never got angry in his life. Friends challenge that they will make Sai anger by evening.


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Mere Sai (Hindi: मेरे साई) is an Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Abeer Sufi as Saibaba, Toral Rasputra as BayazaBai are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production company of Dashami Creations. It is Starts/Launch on 25th September 2017, Monday to Friday At 7:30 P.M..


Toral Rasputra
Vaibhav Mangle
Abeer Soofi
Abhishek Nigam
Hemant Thatte

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min