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Mowgli’s smart trick sparks Avni Neil’s encounter of love (Upcoming Story)


Naamkaran: Mowgli’s (Kabir Shah) smart trick for Avni (Aditi Rathore) and Neil’s union

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Naamkaran is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.

Neil wins Mowgli’s custody and Mowgli don’t want to go with Neil and loves his mother Avni.

While Neil forces Mowgli to come as he don’t want to loose any moment with his son and wants to compensate for the time he wasn’t with him.

Avni asks Mowgli to go with Neil and also assures to meet him soon, Avni and Neil are bearing pain.

Neil and Avni’s union way by Mowgli

Neil knows that Avni is in pain away from Mowgli but is filled with hatred, while now Mowgli will make plan to spark romance amid Avni and Neil.

Mowgli will take charge to get back his happy family dream and plans Avni and Neil’s union.

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