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Naagin 3: Anu’s real face revealed, Bela against Vish


Naagin 3: Sharad (Kushal Kulveer Moharaz) mysterious presence a big fat plot set by Adi against Bela

Ekta Kapoor’s most awaited supernatural series Naagin is witnessing a double trouble situation in Naagin Bela’s life.Adi is cunningly planning and plotting against Bela, where Bela killed Daksh assuming him Adi…Adi records Bela’s MMS in which Bela as a Naagin is ruthlessly killing Daksh and now he is blackamiling Bela at hell.But who knew that Adi is secretly working for Bela’s biggest rival.Adi and Bela’s major face off.

Adi is playing a big fat plot with Sharad…where Sharad is a most powerful blue-textured Naag, he wants to get Naagmadi from Bela.It would be quite interesting to watch ahead how Bela will get to know about Sharad only being her biggest rival who stolen naagmadi.Bela is puzzled seeing how Shaan and Vish announced their wedding and love, Anu is also shattered.

Anu is broken as she loves Shaan and Shaan had also confessed his love for her but now everything is changed.Shaan announces his engagement with Vish and this sets Anu is great anger and also feels devastated.Shaan and Vish’s love sets Anu on fire,Anu thus takes a up new plan of action which is to make Bela against Vish and tells Bela that she will never be able to kill Vikrant’s murderers.Bela is shocked that Anu knew this, Anu thus cracks a deal to help Bela for her revenge against Sehgal’s and in return she wants Bela’s favor to kill Shaan.

Bela and Vish are against each other over some or the other matter while Bela is protecting Mahir which Vish doesn’t like.Vish wants Bela to realise the fact she is up for revenge and can’t love Mahir while Bela isn’t listening to anything.While Vish has now gone against Bela and propagating her revenge using Shaan.Anu’s bitter deal for Bela,Anu is much miffed as she loves Shaan and feels betrayed, while Anu has a plan of action.

Anu has a plan of action to use Bela and Vish against each other, Anu thus puts a deal infront of Bela.Anu puts a deal to help Bela in revenge against Sehgal’s and in return of it she has to help her get Shaan.

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