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Naagin 3 Update: Bela and Mahir’s new misunderstanding, Bela Vikrant’s face off


Naagin 3: Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) misunderstands Naagrani’s hint considers Mahir (Pearl V Puri) as traitor

The upcoming episode of Colors supernatural drama Naagin 3 is up for high voltage drama.Bela loves Mahir but Vikrant is not ready to accept it as it is going to spoil his plan to get naagmani.Vikrant tries to manipulate Bela and tells that Mahir and this Sehgal family had killed Naagrani and is after naagmani.

Bela is confused while her mother Naagrani tries to help Bela by giving hint to her. Bela and Mahir’s new misunderstanding syappa,Naagrani tells Bela that someone close to her is going to betray her and will break her trust.

Vikrant and Vish are playing double game with Bela and things are not working too well.Vikrant is instigating Bela against Mahir, Anu and Sehgal family and asks her to think how they are playing against them.Vikrant makes Bela believe that Mahir and Sehgal family had killed Naagrani and are too dangerous.

Bela and Vikrant’s face off

Bela seems to fall in Vikrant’s trap and naagrani can’t see it and thus takes avatar to warn Bela.Naagrani gives hint to Bela that her someone close is going to betray her and Bela couldn’t understand who it is.

Will Bela be able be able to decipher that is Vikrant and Vish,Bela is confused as who it could be either Mahir or Vikrant, Bela is unaware but misunderstanding that it will be Mahir and considers him as traitor.

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