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Naagin Season 3 14th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Nagrani Maa Curses Vishakha


Naagin Season 3 14th October 2018 Written Episode Update, Naagin Season 3 Written Update on

Naagin Season 3 14th October 2018 Episode Start With Mahir with Bela and Sumitra establishes Devi maa’s idol at home for navratri celebrations. Gayatri asks servants to bring pooja and decorative items. Kuhu throws tantrum and orders servant to bring green for her first. Mahir says he will bring items and signals Bela for outing. Sumitra returns and asks Bela to accompany her to prepare guest list for navratri celebrations. Mahir tries to stop her, but Sumitra asks again and walks to her room. Mahir insists Bela to accompany him to restaurant now. She says all restaurants would be closed now.

He says there is a 24/7 restaurant nearby, he did not wait for anyone else till now. She says she knows he is always busy in his job. He says he will wait for her in car and walks out. Nagrani maa thinks Vikranth will never let Bela out, how can she alert Mahir to protect Bela, so she decides to get into Mahir’s dream and inform him. Inside home, Bela finishes guest list and walks towards door to meet Mahir when Yuvi/Vikranth walks in dancing with musicians and says its navratri celebration, let us all dance. Whole family joins him. He forcefully makes Bela dance with him. Bela thins why he is not letting her go out. Mahir falls asleep.

Nagrani maa gets into his dream and alerts him to protect Bela as her life is in danger, maa will help him. He asks who will harm Bela, how to save her. She says smoke, magical powers, maaa. He wakes up and walks in. Vish signals Vikranth/Yuvi and thinks she can catch Nagrani maa now easily. Mahir reminisces nagranimaa’s words smoke, magical powers, maa. He takes pooja thali, burns agarbati and lamp and walks towards door. Vish sees that and gets tensed that her black magic will fail if smoke spreads and purposefullly falls on Mahir. Mahir drops thali and says what the hell. Vish says she tripped and fell. Vish then turns into snake and goes to search nagrani maa.

Mahir returns and walks to Bela. Nagrani maa watches them. Bela collapses looking at Mahir. He rushes her to room, whole family follows. Nagrani maa thinks now she should get into Bela’s dream. Mahir sits with Bela. Yuvi/Vikranth walks in and asks Mahir to go, he will take care of Bela. Nagrani maa thinks Mahir should not leave Bela with cunning Vikranth. Vikranth says Bela cleared that she does not love Mahir and wants Yuvi back in her life, why don’t Mahir understand that. Mahir argues, but leaves to get water for Bela. Vikranth thinks that god he left and walks back into Bela’s room. Vish enters as nagin and notices Nagrani maa. Nagrani maa gets into Bela’s dream and warns her that a dear one will betray her, she should be alert.

She asks who. Nagrani maa says they came to know that she is alive. Bela stands surprised. Vish bites Nagrani maa repeatedly, Vikranth joins her and they both continue biting Nagrani maa. Nagrani maa writhes in pain and gets visible. They both welcome her in human form and ask what did she tell Bela in dream. Nagrani maa says she will never tell them. Bela wakes up. Vish drags Nagrani maa aside. Vikranth asks if she is fine. Bela says she saw Nagrani maa in dream again and she warned against dear one again. Nagrani maa insists to tell name and holds her tightly. She asks what is he doing. He says he is worried for her, he knows Nagrani maa warned her against Mahir. Bela does not believe him. Vikranth and Vish then drag Nagrani maa to a secluded place and insist to tell whose name did she tell Bela.

Nagrani maa says she will never tell. Vikranth says it is better he kills her. Vish stops him. Vikranth says this oldie will help them in future, let us handle Bela now. Nagrani curses Vish that she backstabbed her best friend Bela and even nagrani, so she will die twice by her dear one. Vish starts coughing. Vikranth calls mangoose to guard Nagrani maa and says he befriended enemy and once work is done, he will kill them. They both leave.

Sonal meets Bultu and says she wanted to tell what happened on the night when Anu was murdered. Mahir returns to Bela with water and asks if she is fine, he wants to talk about their future. Bela thinks what maa wanted to tell further. Mahir walks out. Vish returns to some godown with Vikranth and starts suffocating. Vikranth says she should not have bitten Nagrani maa when she was a soul, nag/nagins cannot bite another nag/nagin when they are in atma/soul form, else they will die. She asks why did not he inform her before. He says he forgot. She asks if there is any solution to save her. He says no, sorry.. and walks out leaving her to suffocate. Vish reminisces ACP Ajitabh’s true love for her, she biting him, he cursing her that she will value his love one day and will cry, that day, he will not be present with her. She cries lying on couch, reminiscing ACP further and collapses.


Naagin Season 3 20th October 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Bela thinks what maa wanted to tell. Sonal sees Vikranth and some woman. Mahir confronts Bela that she feels hurt when he holds her hand and if he does not, she complains, what she really wants.


Naagin Season 3 Details

One of the TV’s most successful shows is Naagin and that success has led it to the third season now. We Naagin fans/viewers can’t keep calm and have to shout it out to everyone.

Star Cast :

Mouni Roy
Karishma Tanna
Surbhi Jyoti
Rajat Tokas
Anita Hassanandani
Chetan Hansraj
Pearl V Puri
Rakshanda Khan


Seasons : 3 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min