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Naagin Season 3 16th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Bela Kills Shahnawaz


Naagin Season 3 16th September 2018 Written Episode Update, Naagin Season 3  Written Update on

Naagin Season 3 16th September 2018 Episode Start With Mahir pins down Shahanawaz/Shaan and warns him to stay away from Bela as she is his wife. Shahanawaz says they have never consummated in 3 months, Bela will marry him instead. Mahir beats Shahanawaz, Bela shouts to not hit her husband. Mahir reminds her of their marriage, their concern for each other, their romance, etc.. Shahanawaz hits him and Bela loves him now and will marry him. Mahir reverts back and beats him shouting Bela is his wife.

Bela shouts not to hit her husband. Shahanawaz orders his men to catch Mahir and says Mahir will not listen easily and orders aides to take him away. Bela stops and says how can she marry Shahanawaz when she is married to Mahir. She asks Sumitra to bring that. Sumitra hands over her divorce papers. Bela signs them and says now she is free to marry Shahanawaz now. She then asks Sumitra to take her in to change.

ACP pulls out stones and walks in. He sees palace and thinks outside it was a cave, but inside a palace like in hindi films. He sees ladies walking saying nikah will start soon and follows them. Shahanawaz walks back wearing groom’s sherwani. Bela also comes wearing bridal dress. Shahanawaz calls qazi and orders to start nikah. ACP thinks why Bela Sehgal is marrying this man in Mahir’s presence, something is wrong. Qazi starts nikah and asks Shahanawaz if he accepts Bela as his wife. He says yes. He asks Bela. Vish walks in and shouts she will not let Shahanawaz marry anyone else as he promised to marry her.

Shahanawaz asks her to go away. Vish holds Bela and says only she will marry Shahanawaz. Mahir thinks Vish is make drama purposefully to divert Shahanawaz’s attention. He asks aides if they don’t want to marry their boss/aqa. They all walk to him say they accept him as their husband/qubool hai. Mahir thinks he should take his family away before Shahanawaz realizes. Puppets surround Mahir. ACP comes out of hiding and with Mahir beats puppets. Mahir asks how did he come here. ACP asks what is happening here. Mahir says he will say later and asks him to take his family from here. Anu, Paulomi, Kuhu resist saying they want to marry aaqa. Mahir says he has gone other side and sends them out. He starts searching Sumitra.

Shahanawaz takes Bela with him. Vish disguised aas Bela walks with him thinking Shahanawaz will marry her and not identify her at all. Shahanawaz packs his been and keeps it saying now they will go to their world and marry. ACP enters, holds Vish’s hand, and pointing gun at Shahanawaz warns to surrender himself. Shahanawaz warns to leave Bela, else he will repent. Vish comes in front. Shahanawaz runs away with been shouting betrayal. He then ties Sumitra to a pole and fixes bomb on her. She asks what happened. He says she knows who he is. She pleads not to harm her. He starts bomb via his mobile.

Mahir catches Bela. Bela says Shahanawaz has captured Sumitraq and her life is in danger, so she is acting as hypnotized, Mahir can get another Bela but not Sumitra. She returs to Shahanawaz. Shahanawaz gives his been in vase to servant and asks to keep it safely. Bela asks him to take her away from here. All women follow Shahanawaz. Shahanawaz takes Bela in jeep. Mahir and ACP diffuse bomb and rescue Sumitra. They run behind jeep next. ACP says they cannot run behind jeep and Shahanawaz must be having some weakness like magician’s weakness was parrot. Mahir realizes Bela’s signal about been and runs back into cave, finds been in vase, breaks vase, picks been and runs away.

Vish stops Shahanawaz’s jeep and says Shahanawaz is only hers and cannot marry anyone else. Mahir tells ACP that Shahanawaz’s weakness is this been and breaks it. All ladies’ hynotism breaks. Vish asks what is she doing here. Shahanawaz starts feeling severe pain. Bela says she wanted to save Sumitra and others. Shahanawaz realizes she was not under his control at all. Sumitra and others get back into their senses and ask why are they wearing these kind of clothes and how did he come here. Mahir walks to them and says Shaan had kidnapped them and wanted to grab land from him and Andy.

Bela punishes Shahanawaz. Shahanawaz pleads to forgive him. She says she would have if he had not trouble Vishu, Sumitra, and others. Shahanawaz says she wanted to kill them anyways. She says she will device when to punish them and kicks him repeatedly shouting his each mistake. She kills him finally.


Naagin Season 3 22th September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Bela asks Vish if she wants to fight for killing her love, she can.Mahir says Bela that she has love in her heart, so hypnotism could not affecting her, he is trying since long, but she is not losing her heart.


Naagin Season 3 Details

One of the TV’s most successful shows is Naagin and that success has led it to the third season now. We Naagin fans/viewers can’t keep calm and have to shout it out to everyone.

Star Cast :

Mouni Roy
Karishma Tanna
Surbhi Jyoti
Rajat Tokas
Anita Hassanandani
Chetan Hansraj
Pearl V Puri
Rakshanda Khan


Seasons : 3 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min