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Naagin Season 3 18th May 2019 Written Episode Update

Mahir Regains His Memory, Bela To Know Shivangi’s Secret


Naagin Season 3 18th May 2019 Written Episode Update, Naagin Season 3 Written Update on

Naagin Season 3 18th May 2019 Episode Start With Vikrant asking Vish to unite Bela and Mahir and tells that he will wait for her, and hopes God don’t send him to Pataal/hell. Vish says you didn’t do anything wrong. Vikrant dies. Vish cries and shouts his name. She asks him to wait for her there itself and kisses him. She goes from there. Bela/Shravani reaches the temple. A bird is shown. She hopes Mahir is safe and she didn’t get late. The bird comes and sits on her hand. She makes the bird fly. The bird touches Mahir’s back and he gets back his soul and falls down. Some snake men come infront of Shravani and asks her to go. bela says she is Naagrani and wants to make the naagmani curse free.

The men turns into half snake. Bela also turns into snake and fights with the other snake men. Bela says now you must have understood my intention and asks if he will stop her even now. One of the snake men grows taller and makes bela fall down. Bela also falls down angrily. She becomes 5 headed snake and says I am going inside to search maha naagrani. The snake man tells that they are paid for not letting any snake come inside. Mihir is clinging to the stem of the tree and gets flashes of Mahir and Bela. The snake man bites Bela and makes her fall down. Bela says I will fight with you and will not accept defeat.

The snake becomes very giant and swallows Bela. Bela ruptures the snake’s stomach and tries to come out. Mihir falls down on the ground and recalls Bela. He thinks that’s why I couldn’t forget my connection with her, and says Shravani and Bela was my love in the past birth and she is an icchadhari naagin. He thinks to send family and Tanya away from DM, as he recalls Sumitra driving bulldozer. Bela manages to come inside the temple and folds her hand before the God. She says I don’t want to go empty handed and says I have to know the truth to save this world and people, and tells that she has to get the naagmani get cursed free and asks for help. She cries.

A man appears infront of her and says I know you want to call Maha naagrani Shivangi. He says Naagrani Shivangi was an ordinary icchadhari naagin, but their bhakti made them naagrani, and was boon to become maha naagrani till Anand kaal. Bela asks why did her father and husband killed her and says people call her cursed naagrani and asks where is she? The man tells that she was badly betrayed and says she will come only if the matter is about someone’s death or life. Bela asks him to help her and tells that the matter is about someone’s life and death. The man tells that the haveli is secretive and asks her to light the Deepak and solve the riddle. He says this is the door to search Naagrani and says you can go inside, but it is upto her to meet you or not. She says naagmani will be cursed free with her touch and says you can ask her why her father and husband betrayed her. He blesses her and disappears. Bela opens the door and gets inside.

Mihir comes home. Sumitra says I was very scared. Mihir says if I am alive and calls her Sumitra Sehgal. He says I remember my past birth and says you have snatched my everything becoming my mother and snatched my Bela. He says I won’t let you snatch anything else from me. He pushes her out. It is his imagination. He comes home. Sumitra hugs him and cries. Mihir thinks I can’t tell her that I know her truth until I send my family to safe place. Bela lights the firewood and tries to move the curtain with her tail, but she couldn’t move. She says maha naagrani…you have to come in any circumstances. She lights the curtain on fire. Shivangi’s pic is shown. The curtain gets burnt and pulled up. Bela says today I will get answers for all the people, not just Naag lok. She says I will save everyone, even if I don’t saved. Just then the floor opens and she gets inside. She sees many snakes there and tells them that she is naagrani Bela. She finds a glittery golden book. Shivangi’s story flashes is shown and a voiceover tells that rocky killed shivangi with her father’s help and both of them alive, like Maha Naagrani is alive. Bela asks where are they? Just then book gets closed. Bela sees the door closing and thinks to run out before it closes.

She is running on the road and sees the film premiere of Rocky and Rithvik. She thinks premiere party is today and if I get succeed to take them to haveli then Maha Naagrani might meet me. Bela meets Vish and tells that they killed Vikrant with akhaal mrityu poison. She says he was very strong. Bela says sorry. Vish says you shall not be sorry. Bela says she can’t risk her life now. Vish says she will not leave her even if she tells her and asks what she found in the haveli. Bela tells about Rocky and Rithvik’s film. Vish says we have to attend the party and calls PR Manager Raima.

Mihir is with his family. Kanika and Amber Bua say Shravani saves you. He asks them to just go to an address which he messaged to Mohit. He says this is not safe place for you all. Samarjeet asks him to come with them. Mihir says I can’t come now. Kanika asks if DM will come with us. Mihir says you shall not tell anyone specially DM. Amber asks if she did this kand. Mihir says I have booked resort and taxi. He asks them to take Tanya with them. Kanika and Amber ask him to keep Shravani with him. He says she will be with me. They leave.

Mihir comes to the window and sees Bela. He calls her. Kuch is tarha…plays……He comes to her and holds her hand. Bela asks how do you know. Mahir says from day 1, when I saw you for the first time that there is something between us. Bela says I know that you are my Mahir. He says you are my Bela. She asks how do you remember? Mahir says I remembered everything while clinging to the tree branches. He says you saved me that day also. Bela says I couldn’t save you that day and says they lost vikrant. Mahir says I talked to Vishaka. He says I will tell everything to Tanya and end his engagement with her. Bela says she is an evil power and asks him not to tell her anything. She says that girl is not Tanya, but Tamsee, Andhka who has separated both of us. She says she is Tamsee. Mahir says that’s why Sumitra entered his house with her gang. Bela says they knew my weakness and want me to make the naagmani curse free. Mahir says they did one good thing, we met because of them. He says you are different from Bela. She asks how? He holds her closer and says I was wrong, you are like my Bela, who feels shy with my touch, my heart beat increases. Bela says even you haven’t changed and says when I kiss you, your cheeks turn pink. She kisses on his cheeks and they have a hug. Song plays….Mahir and Bela say I love you to eachother.

Vish messages Bela. Bela says we are going to a party. She asks him to take his family with him. Mahir says I will come with you. Bela says you are a human. Mahir says I can help you and will not leave you. He says lets go. Vish calls her. bela says we are coming. Mahir says I will not let you go alone.

In the party, journalist asks Rocky how is he feeling after becoming producer from businessman. He asks what she wants to drink, risky, rum or me. Ritvik comes there and tells the reporter that he will answer her when they are alone. Rithvik teases Rocky and refers himself as his sasur. Rocky asks him to talk in low tone and asks if they will young forever. Rithvik says yes. They have a laugh.

Vish and Bela come to the party. Vish acts as a big businesswoman and tells that her Dad sent her to wrong party. She says she don’t need any business associates. Bela says your deal starts with 100 crores. Rithvik and Rocky hear her and think to deal with her. Rocky comes to her and asks her to asks him what he would like to drink. Rithvik asks bela what she wants to drink. Bela says I don’t drink while working. Bela and Vish tell Rocky and Rithvik that Vish is the biggest land owner and Bela is her assistant, and Vish is thinking to expand the business.


Naagin Season 3 19th May 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Naagrani Shivangi comes to save Bela and tells that their motive shall not only be revenge, but be change also.


Naagin Season 3 Details

One of the TV’s most successful shows is Naagin and that success has led it to the third season now. We Naagin fans/viewers can’t keep calm and have to shout it out to everyone.

Star Cast :

Mouni Roy
Karishma Tanna
Surbhi Jyoti
Rajat Tokas
Anita Hassanandani
Chetan Hansraj
Pearl V Puri
Rakshanda Khan


Seasons : 3 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min