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Naagin Season 3 22nd September 2018 Written Episode Update

Yuvi Returns/Bela Reveals Her True Identity To Mahir


Naagin Season 3 22nd September 2018 Written Episode Update, Naagin Season 3 Written Update on

Naagin Season 3 22nd September 2018 Episode Start With Bela kills Shaan/Shahnawaz and his body disappears. Mahir riding car with ACP searches Bela. ACP says once he solves this issue, he find out what is his family up to. Mahir says let us find Bela first and then argue. Bela asks Vish if she is angry as she killed her love, Shahnawaz was a snake charmer and snake charmers only know to use nagins, she should be knowing well as she is nagin before her, if she wants to fight with her, she can. Vish kneels down and apologizes nagrani/Bela. They hear Mahir and ACP’s voice and change back to human and walk chatting. Mahir and ACP ask if they are fine. Bela says yes, Shahnawaz stopped car, they gout out and ran in opposite directions, Shahnawaz got afraid and escaped. Mahir says ACP will catch Shahnawaz. ACP says nobody can escape from him.

Mahir thanks Bela for saving everyone. Bela says he saved her. Mahir says she got such an immense will power did not get hypnotized by Shahnawaz, she saved mom on time. Their eyes lock, they look at each other. O Sohniye..tera mera in the background. They both retuurn hom\e. Mahir tries to sleep on couch. Bela says he should. He says if she will sleep on couch then. He says nobody will. Mahir says before she starts he does not have much patience and wants to sleep soon. She continues blabbering wile he sleeps on couch. She think she has to find out what is happening. She goes to meet her guru/baba. Baba says she is in a dilemma whether to follow duty or heart. Bela says she does not know why she is trying to save Mahir who killed Vikrant, she was emotionally attached to Vikrant\h, but not with Mahir and he is her fake husband, why she is saving a bad man.

Baba says who told Mahir is a bad man, he is a nice man and reminds how she wanted to kill Mahir and he had warned that whoever touches will die with her poison and only can be saved if he is her life partner. Bela says she is confused. He asks to listen to her heart. A man is seen getting ready in Adi’s room. Adi walks in and is is shocked to see someone in his room, asks who is it, sees man’s face and happily hugs him and says Bela will be in a shock seeing him, let us go. Bela says why she is sparing Mahir when she knows he is bad man, but her heart says he is a good man as she saw gun in his hand, reminiscing the incident. Baba says she must be confused, Mahir was just holding gun and someone else must have shot nagraj. Bela says she saw gun in Mahir’s hand, maybe he had not shot Vikranth, she is getting attracted to Mahir and dont know what to do. Baba asks go and tell her husband what is in her heart, only then she will get peace of mind, as Mahis her life partner. Bela says he is right, she will reveal Mahir what is in her heart and who she is. Baba says no. Bela says only then she will feel peace and after knowing her real identity Mahir may hate her.

Kuru says Sumitra let us complain against everyone including Vishakha. Sumitra says not Vishakha/Vish as she saved them from Shaan, so Andy has decide to reconsider Vish’s business proposal. Bela passes by. Sumitra stops her and says she needs to speak. Bela says she will speak to her later and rushes up. Sumitra asks where is she going. Kuhu says maybe something important. Bela goes to Mahir’s home office and says she wants to tell what she thinks about him, stops seeing clients. Mahir comes out and says she can speak in front of clients. She says it is private and she cannot in front of anyone. He says he will speak to her later and walks back in. Adi sees her and asks if he should show her video to everyone.

She says he can display it in multiplex, she does not care. Vish calls her, she leaves. Adi think she does not know king has already come. Bela walks to Vish’s room and asks why did she call her. Vish asks if she is still angry on her. Bela smiles and asks why should she, she is is not, she is going to meet Mahir and tell something important and leaves. Vishu think she wants to speak to Mahir. Bela walks to Mahir’s room and closing door says she wants to tell something important. He pins her to door and asks to speak. Sumitra calls Mahir, but he does not pick call. She fumingly walks to his room and opens door. Bella falls on Mahir. Sumitra apologizes her and tells Mahir she needs to tell something important and takes him with her.

Mahir walks with Sumitra to her room and asks her and Andy why they called him here. They both ask not to get angry and they did not want to tell in front of Bela. Mahir hears someone in washroom and asks who is in. Man walks from washroom and hugs mahir from behind, lifting him air and laughing. Mahir asks who is it and turns and is shocked to see Yuvi. Yuvi says he was missing them all and they don’t know how he spent 3 months, he left mantap and Bela, but realizes how much he loves Bela after he went away from her. Sumitra says Bela is Mahir’s wife now. Yuvi says he does not care, he is like dad, he wants Bela back and cannot live without. Mahir leaves from there and walks into Bela’s room. Bela says she does not need divorce.

He asks why. She says she loves him and says while hating him, she does not know when and how she fell in his love, she does not have any answer for his questions, she cannot hide anything from him now. He asks what she is hiding from him. She says her truth, she is not the one he thinks and he cannot think what she is. She walks back and takes her nagin form. Mahir is shocked to see that. She says she is not Bela, but ichadhari nagin nagrani who came to take revenge of Vikranth’s murder. Mahir reminisces incident. Bela says Shaan snake charmer came to catch her and she killed him and even who killed Vikranth; Karan, Yuvi, etc. She continues that after knowing the truth, he will hate her. He reminds her the night when she saved Anu from falling and when they were falling from building, he saw her true identity and did not leave her as he loves her; his friends told when he will fall in love, he will not bother if the person is good or bad, human or otherwise; he is loving the nagin who killed his family; he then says he hates her as she betrayed her, he is done with her and walks away. Bela thinks whatever the end result is, she will tell remaining truth to Mahir.

Mahir walks to office room and thinks whatever he says by mouth, truth is he loves her by heart. He reminisces the moment the spent together. Hamari..adhuri kahani…song plays in the background. He then reminisces Yuvi telling he came back for Bela as he cannot stay without her. e


Naagin Season 3 23rd September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Bela expresses her feeling to Mahir that she stayed away from him for long to realize howmuch she loves him. She hugs him and says she always loved him,is shocked to see she is hugging Yuvi. Yuvi says he always loved her. Bela tells Baba her new enemy is very powerful. Mahir confronts Bela that he cannot act as hating her, she can take her trophy/Yuvi and leave.


Naagin Season 3 Details

One of the TV’s most successful shows is Naagin and that success has led it to the third season now. We Naagin fans/viewers can’t keep calm and have to shout it out to everyone.

Star Cast :

Mouni Roy
Karishma Tanna
Surbhi Jyoti
Rajat Tokas
Anita Hassanandani
Chetan Hansraj
Pearl V Puri
Rakshanda Khan


Seasons : 3 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min