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Naagin Season 3 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Vish As Bela Falls Prey To Hukum’s Evil Mission And Son Andhka


Naagin Season 3 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update, Naagin Season 3 Written Update on

Naagin Season 324th March 2019 Episode Start With Hukum coming infront of Bela. Bela runs. Hukum says wherever you run, you will find you, tonight I am everywhere and tells that everything gets hypnotized by me. He says tonight, my control is on animal and human, dead or alive..Bela says I know you have hypnotized Rithvik. Hukum asks her to think what she wants. She tries to change her avatar. Hukum says we will play game all night and shows his fire face. She runs. Hukum comes behind her and says tonight is special and my powers will increase today, and nobody will defeat me. He says that’s why I have chosen this day. He says you got scared seeing me before, but not today. He removes his veil and shows his humanly face. Bela looks at him. Hukum asks what happened and says I told you that you will not get scared.

He says don’t you think that we look good together and holds her waist. Bela pushes him and asks him to back off. Hukum says if I stay away from you, then how my Andhka will come. She slaps him. He gets angry. Bela appears in three same avatars and she confuses him saying they are real Bela, whom he wants to be his baby’s mother. He says I will kill three of you. Bela asks him to kill three and tell that then your dream to be Andka will be ruined. He says I will identify the real Naagrani. Bela and her other avatars vanish from there. Hukum shouts and takes out his locket. The locket takes him to Bela who is hiding behind a plant. He hypnotizes her with eyes and asks her to come with him, says time has come to unite. He lifts her and takes her with him.

Bela meets the other Bela, and asks where is the third Bela? The Second Bela becomes Vikrant and asks where is bela? Bela says she is real Bela and tells that it was Vish’s plan to become Bela along with him, to confuse Hukum. Vikrant says he might be run away due to confusion. Bela says I don’t know Vish can be controlled by Hukum. They hope that tonight passes away. Bela says then he has to wait for many years for this night.

Hukum takes Bela (actually Vish) to bed and gets closer to her. He gets up and says my work is done. He says now my Ansh is in you, you will give birth to my son Andhka who will be more dangerous. He leaves from there after taking her out his control. Bela becomes Vish and she holds her tummy.

Rithvik is going somewhere in a hurry and thinks I tried to stop Bela. Yuvi hears him. Rithvik thinks he shall go to Kuhu before it is too late. Bela and Vikrant are searching Vish. Vikrant gets worried and says I fear that Hukum must have taken her to wrong place and have done something wrong. Bela says it will be my mistake as this is happening because of me. Vikrant says it was our decision, I am not blaming you. Bela says where he might have taken her, and tells that she has broken cave etc. She thinks and tells that she knows where he took Vish. Yuvi and Rohini come to Sumitra and he tells her that Rithvik is not Hukum, and he saw books and black magic things in his room. He tells that nobody is at home. Sumitra gets troubled and goes out to check. Rithvik calls Kuhu and asks where is he? Kuhu says they are at home and asks him to open the door. Rithvik opens the door. Mahir asks if he is Hukum and not my brother. Rithvik says I was helping Bela and was getting info about Hukum. He says Bela became naagin and broke the room.

He says he is Paranormal activist and doing research. He tells that he came here searching Bela and her friends. He asks who locked you here? Mahir says Vikrant as Bela asked. Rithvik asks where they can go? Mahir says haveli. Kuhu asks him to tell her after Bela is found. Vikrant asks Bela, do you think Hukum has brought Vish here. Bela says yes, and tells that nobody is faithful to us now, and tells that Hukum must not have thought that we will think about this place. She says we have to go separately. They go inside the haveli. Vish gets up from bed and then she falls down unconscious. Bela comes there and sees Vish on bed. She hears Hukum shouting saying that today on Amavasya, they have united. Bela is shocked and says this can’t happen. She runs to Vish and asks why did you do this for me, big sacrifice for me. She asks why did you ruin your life for me and asks why? Vish is still unconscious. Bela asks Vish to get up and asks her to try. She helps her get up and hides her beneath the table thinking Hukum might come here. Hukum touches her. Bela opens her eyes. Hukum says so you are awake.

He tells her that he want to talk about their would be baby. Bela says how can you be so sure. He says I am Hukum and don’t fail. He says you have my baby and tells that the baby is a devil and not a human, and can’t waste 9 months to be born, but will be born before that. He says he can destroy the world, but nobody can destroy him and asks him not to think of ending him. He says I will keep an eye on him and will not let you step your foot on the floor. He says I will lift you and drop you to your house. Bela says no and asks him to listen to her, as she is his baby’s mother. She asks him to go out and says she will come out. Hukum says I am agreeing for my Andhka. Bela goes out of room hoping Vikrant finds Vish. Mahir and Rithvik come to haveli. Vikrant asks Mahir to ask Rithvik about Vish. Mahir says he is not involved with Hukum and helped me reach here. Rithvik asks did you check in the room. They come to the room and call vish. Vish gains consciousness and calls Vikrant. Vikrant asks if she is fine? Mahir asks about Bela. Vish says hukum took her home. She says I want to go home. Vikrant asks what did he do with you and asks her to tell. Mahir feels bad. Vish cries and says I want to go home. Vikrant hugs her and takes her to room. They leave.

Hukum’s men come home and ask Sumitra to go. One of the man tells that Hukum is successful. Yuvi asks if he defeated Naagrani Bela. Sumitra asks where is she, we have to congratulate her. Hukum’s man tells that Hukum took Bela to room and says nobody can meet her now. Yuvi says how did Bela let him do, and asks if Mahir didn’t do anything. Hukum’s man asks her to get some roots from somewhere. Sumitra agrees. She tells Yuvi and Rohini that Bela is going to give birth to a devil. Yuvi asks if she is sure she can go there. Sumitra says yes and tells that she is doing this to become Naagrani.

Vikrant takes Vish to room. He says we need to talk. Bela comes there and asks Vish why did she do this? Vish says whatever I did is for my friend and Naagrani. Vikrant says Hukum was after Naagrani. Vish apologizes to him. Bela says your life is ruined because of me. Vikrant asks her to tell that Hukum didn’t do anything wrong with her. He cries and turns his face. Bela says you can’t turn your face, and tells that hukum is very dangerous. Vish says I have no other way and tells that if I wouldn’t be there then Bela would have been there. She says this might be the punishments of my sins and I deserve this punishment. Bela says this shall not happen with you and tells that you have done penance for that. She says nobody can do this with you. Vish says I did wrong with you and got punished, and tells Vikrant if he wants then you can hate me. Bela says why will he hate you, and tells that he understands the circumstances, what she might have felt. Vikrant turns to Vish and tells that I will die, but will not think you wrong. He says I love you so much and says I will not blame you and will not think you guilty. He says he is not mad to get beaten by his wife, and says I love you so much. He hugs her and says I will not leave Hukum and will kill him. Bela says no. Vikrant says you was here and saw what he did. Mahir comes there. Bela says everything is fine. Vikrant says I am not fine but. Mahir says I am with you. Vikrant says I will kill him. Bela asks them to stop it and says they are not ordinary people. She says we can’t kill him just like that. Vikrant says Rithvik will hep us. Bela says it might be bitter, but truth is that, Vish is going to be his baby’s mother. Vikrant asks do you want me to handover his baby to him. Bela says if we will him then how we will know what this baby can do, and says I don’t want to take a step in nasty. Vish says if Hukum and this baby’s lives are related then baby and I may die. She asks if he will hate her if she becomes devil? Vikrant says no. Mahir and Bela keep hand on them and says they are together to kill hukum.

Hukum asks Rohini and Yuvi to congratulate him and says he is going to be a father. Rohini asks why he kept us here. Hukum says Sumitra said and asks Yuvi to be at Naagrani’s Service until his son is born. He says my son, my devil son is going to be born, my Andhka.

Mahir gets up and hugs Bela, wishing her good morning. Bela hugs him. Mahir says you would have slept for some more time. Bela says this is actually happening and tells that they heard much about Andhka’s story and now he is growing in my friend’s womb. Mahir asks her not to torture herself and asks her to think if Vish had not taken her place, then what wrong would have happen, and tells that Andhka must have been more powerful. Bela says we can’t say that he will not be powerful. Mahir asks if there is something in her mind. Bela tells that she didn’t have chocolate icecream since long time. Mahir says I will bring it. Bela asks why you are so good. Mahir says I wish you hear my talks specially in night. He goes. Bela thinks I am hiding one thing from you, and hope to tell you soon.

She comes out of room and is getting down the stairs, when she stumbles but holds herself. Sumitra comes to Bela and holds her hand. She asks Rohini to take her to room, and tells that she is pregnant. She tells Bela that she is doing this for Hukum’s baby. Rohini takes Bela to room. Vish hears Sumitra talking to Doctor and asking him to come. She calls Bela and informs her that they called Doctor and says he will know after checking your nerve, that you are not pregnant.


Naagin Season 3 30th March 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Hukum tells Vikrant that after Bela’s failed attempt, she couldn’t be saved and she became my Andhka’s mother. Vikrant asks Vish to understand and says this is our son, but of Hukum. Vish says this is my son and not a sinner’s son. She tells that she will make her son, a good human and I will make him walk on the right path. Vikrant and Bela are shocked to hear her.


Naagin Season 3 Details

One of the TV’s most successful shows is Naagin and that success has led it to the third season now. We Naagin fans/viewers can’t keep calm and have to shout it out to everyone.

Star Cast :

Mouni Roy
Karishma Tanna
Surbhi Jyoti
Rajat Tokas
Anita Hassanandani
Chetan Hansraj
Pearl V Puri
Rakshanda Khan


Seasons : 3 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min