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Naagin Season 3 7th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Vikrant Is Villian In Mahir And Bela’s Love Story, Tries To Provoke Her Against Mahir


Naagin Season 3 7th October 2018 Written Episode Update, Naagin Season 3 Written Update on

Naagin Season 3 7th October 2018 Episode Start With Vish telling Ajitabh that Vikrant will get Naagmani one day and then he will become his Naagraj then he will need his naagrani, but Bela won’t be alive and will be death, then I will become his Naagrani and will rule on the Naag lok. She says you are thinking wrong, I am worse than Vikrant and hates human. You shouldn’t have loved me. Ajitabh says you have done wrong with me, one day you will fall in love and will yearn and cry for your love, but I won’t be there for you and then….Vish asks then what? Ajitabh dies. Vish gets teary eyes and checks tears which roll down her eyes. Song plays…kabhi alvida na kehna plays……..She leaves Ajitabh’s dead body in the haveli.

Bela asks Vikrant to leave her hand. Vikrant closes the door and takes his avatar. Bela asks what is he doing? Vikrant says your wound needs to be healed. Bela says you will not understand what I say. Vikrant asks her to sit. Bela says I will do it myself. Vikrant tells Bela that he wants to do everything fine between Mahir and her. Bela asks him to come with her and tell Mahir that nothing happened between them that day. Vikrant says I can’t lie to Mahir, he says we were in love. He says did you forget those moments which you spent with me for 100 years. I am feeling that connection with Mahir, which was never there with me. He asks did you betray me. Bela says that feeling was good. I used to be carefree with you and had dreamt to live with you, but that black night changed everything. Vikrant says it was not my mistake. Bela says you didn’t stop those guys from shooting at you and then didn’t tell me that you are alive, you knew that I will kill those days. Vikrant asks her not to forget that they tried to molest her. Bela says I have killed everyone, just Adi and RJ is left. She says I have decided to take help of law and it will punish the guilty. Vikrant asks do you think the law will hear Naag and Naagin. Bela says I know this is the right way, you are alive and the law will punish the guilty which they deserve. Vikrant asks if Mahir will be punished? Bela says Mahir was not there and when the attack happened, he was not there. She says he can’t do anything with any girl. She says she was about to marry Yuvi, but got married to Mahir and gave him the promise of 7 births.

Vikrant asks her to break the promises. Bela says I couldn’t kill him even though I wanted and says he married me for myself and never forced me for anything, even though he used to love me secretly. He used to fight with me but never hated me. He thinks of others betterment before himself today itself. She says you came in front of him as Yuvi, and that’s why he blames himself for the same. He says you told him a big thing that I was with you, then also when I was about to slip from stairs, he held me and saved me, he applied haldi to me when he saw a wound on me. She says his love is selfless and he just sees my happiness. Vikrant says if I tell him that we have nothing between us, then will everything will be fine between you both.

Sumitra checks for Bela. Bela asks will you tell him truth? Vikrant asks will you tell him truth that you are Naag rani. Bela says I wanted to tell him when you came home as Yuvi and I feel he deserves to know the truth. Vikrant says may be you will lose your new love. Bela asks him to support her. Vikrant says when they came to know that you are Mahir then he will attack you first. Bela says he will not do something like that, he is different from others. Vikrant says ok, I will tell everything that we have nothing between us and asks her to tell truth to Mahir. Sumitra comes to room. Just then she sees Yuvi and Bela coming out. Sumitra asks Bela to come with her and says she needs to talk to him about something important. He closes the door. Vish comes. Yuvi hugs her, then he becomes Vikrant. Vish asks if he fought with Bela. Vikrant says how we shall make Bela believe that I love her. He says once I get Naagmani then I will become Naagraj and she will be Naagmani. Vish asks if she will agree. Vikrant says we will make her do this, and she will give us Naagmani and will kill Mahir too. He holds her hand and takes her somewhere.

Vish sees Naagmani and gets happy. She thinks if I steal it from here then I will become Naagrani and then you have to accept me Vikrant. She tries to get it, but feels current. Vikrant smiles and says it is difficult to get it. He says when he will get it, then Bela will sit with him. He says it is not easy to get it and says until your intention is good, you can’t get it, but when Bela gives me then I can hold it. Vish says when she used to love you, then also she didn’t give Naagmani to you, then why she will give it now. She doesn’t trust you. Vikrant says nobody can take my place and tells that Bela is Naagrani and she has to give Naagmani to me. He says we have to make Bela do adharm and will get Mahir killed by her hand. He says Mahir is innocent and if Naagrani kills an innocent guy then she will lose all her powers and will never be Naagrani anymore. Vish says she couldn’t understand and says Bela killed Rehaan and Daksh, who were innocent and still having powers.

Vikrant says you don’t understand and tells that he came to know that Andy Sehgal’s sons will be there and will drink. He intentionally took Ruhi there and made her wear a red dress so that they try to molest her, but I saved her and provoked them to shoot at him. He says Pratham and Boltu were innocent. Vish asks about Mahir. Vikrant says Mahir was foolish, he came there to save everyone and took gun in his hand. He says Bela couldn’t kill Mahir as he is innocent. He says that’s why Mahir’s pic came in his eyes. Vish says what we have to do? Vikrant says we have to make Mahir killed by Bela, then she will become my Naagrani and my mother will become Naag rani Maa. Vish says Bela will never forgive you. Vikrant asks her to help him. Vish asks what she will get in return, if he will make her Naagrani. Vikrant thinks he is joking. Vish thinks she is icchadhari naagin, but can’t control on her wishes and plans to kill Bela when he gets Naagmani.

Kuhu blames Bela and scolds her for killing Anu. Bela looks on. Kuhu is about to lift the jewellery box, but Bela helps her and lifts it. She sees maangtika and thinks she couldn’t see her wearing. Kuhu says Anu got this from haveli. Bela says she will keep it. She remembers her mum giving her maangtika when she was young. She thinks your gift was lost, but don’t know where Anu got it. She says she is feeling alone and don’t know what to do. She asks her to help her and talk to her.

Bela’s mum asks Aghori baba to let her go and talk to bela. Aghori Baba says I can’t let you go and talk to her, I can’t let her know that you are alive. Her mum tells that Bela is in danger and she needs to save her. Aghori baba says if you go to her then the enemies will take your advantage and will use you against Bela. He says I won’t let you go and goes. Her mum cries badly. She thinks my daughter is in problem, I have to go to my Bela, but how?

Bela is in her room and lights the candle thinking about Mahir and him. Mahir comes and holds the match stick which is in her hand. He says your hand would have got burnt. Bela says nothing would have happen when you are with me. She asks him not to go. Mahir says until Yuvi comes and tells me, I will not believe you. Bela says I am dead and says Yuvi is a spoilt man and left me on mandap and he will decide. She says I value our marriage. I mean something to you and that’s why you don’t look in my eyes. Mahir says I feel shame, but you are ashamed. He asks her to see what she has done with him. Bela says I told just one truth with you and closes the door. Mahir asks her to look in his eyes and say. Bela says it is about my identity and says I am not…Mahir says Naagin…Bela says you know. Mahir says I know from day 1 and also know that you wanted to kill my loved ones and was silent, wanted to see how you wants to use me. He asks what is her plan and asks what do you think that I will forget you, and says I will die, but will never forgive you, love is far away. He asks her to leave him and get out of his life and room. Bela is shocked and says sorry Mahir ji. Mahir laughs and changes in Vikrant’s avatar. Bela is shocked and angry and asks what is this joke.

Vikrant says these humans will never accept you. He says do you want to see their heinous thinking and says it was Mahir’s master plan that night. Vish asks Mahir to give the file and says he is her investor. Vish steals his watch and goes. She sees some reflection and wonders what is it. A reflection is seen following her. Vikrant tells her that these humans are our enemies and says they are greedy. Bela says what they need from us? Vikrant says they came there with a plan to kill us. He asks who used to handle this business. Bela says Mahir. Vikrant says they were not rich, but now they are rich and brought the place around our haveli and wanted to kill our Naagvansh. Bela says you think this way, but can you prove it. Vikrant says you don’t trust me. Bela says your death was shocking and big truth for me. Reflection comes there and she is her mum’s reflection hearing them. Vikrant says he feels that they have killed Naagrani maa. Bela says no. Vikrant says they are accused. Her mum’s reflection shouts and says Vikrant is a liar. Someone conspired to kill me, but the people of house didn’t attempt to kill me.

A fb is shown, Aghori baba asks her not to shout and treats her with medicine and his powers. He says enemies think you are dead. Naagrani Maa calls Ruhi. Aghori baba says Bela will never know that you are alive else we will never know about our enemies. Naagrani Maa asks him to tell Ruhi about the person giving her poison. She says you have seen her face and asks who was he? Aghori Baba remembers and a fb is shown, Aghori baba sees Vikrant poisoning Naagrani Maa. Fb ends. Naagrani Maa says Vikrant shockingly.

She says Vikrant loves Ruhi a lot. Aghori Baba says Vikrant will betray Ruhi and she will know the truth. He says we shall know who are his helpers. Fb ends. Her mum’s reflection tells Bela that Vikrant is danger to her and is a big liar and cheat. Bela says why they will kill her. Vikrant says there must be something which is related to Naagrani’s death. Bela shows the maang tika and gets thinking. Vikrant gets happy. He thinks he lied, but she got the proofs and says everyone is related and participated in the crime. Bela says she doesn’t believe. Mahir looks on with teary eyes.


Naagin Season 3 13th October 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Vish asks Bela not to be blind and see Mahir’s game. Bela meets her mum and asks who will break her heart and who is betraying her. Naagrani maa tells that Vish is a liar like Vikrant and tells that Mahir didn’t try to kill her. Vikrant admires sleepy Bela. Later Vikrant as Yuvi tells mahir that they love each other. Snakes are seen bitting someone (may be Mahir).


Naagin Season 3 Details

One of the TV’s most successful shows is Naagin and that success has led it to the third season now. We Naagin fans/viewers can’t keep calm and have to shout it out to everyone.

Star Cast :

Mouni Roy
Karishma Tanna
Surbhi Jyoti
Rajat Tokas
Anita Hassanandani
Chetan Hansraj
Pearl V Puri
Rakshanda Khan


Seasons : 3 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min