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Naamkaran 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Neil's care For Avni Sukoon House Snatched From Avni


Naamkaran 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 11th April 2018 Episode Start With KK reaches hospital and asks doctor to stop. KK asks Saisha not to do this and asks Saisha to forgive him. KK says that he cannot lose her and their baby. KK says that he will marry Saisha and take good care of her. Doctor says that Avni did not get Saisha here for abortion. Avni says that she never wanted to get Saisha’s abortion and wanted Saisha and KK and to know their responsibilities. Bebe and Shweta are relieved with KK’s decision.

Saisha and KK hold hands. KK promises to always take care of Saisha. KK comes to Neil’s house and tells everyone that he made a wrong decision as he was scared of losing his mother. KK promises that he will not be weak anymore. KK says he will marry Saisha and his mother will have to accept his decision. KK says that he will never leave Saisha alone. KK apologizes to Saisha. Avni says that she will get their marriage done soon. KK says that he is ready for marriage today itself. Avni looks at Neil emotionally. Avni dresses Saisha up as a bride.

Saisha and KK reach the registrar office with Avni and Neil and rest of the family. Saisha and KK’s wedding gets completed and KK puts Sindoor and mangalsutra for Saisha. Avni thinks about the past when she made promises to Neil. Kamini sees KK’s wedding news on TV and gets furious. Kamini says that KK informed her that Saisha is pregnant and he wants to marry Saisha. Kamini angrily breaks TV. Prakash asks Neil why he came back from there as he is needed there.

Prakash tells Neil that he won’t be able to run away from Avni. Prakash asks Neil to forgive Avni. Prakash says that he knows that he will only be happy with Avni. Neil says he hates Avni. Prakash says that this is his love and not hatred. Neil says that he cannot forgive Avni so easily. Neil says that he can forgive Mitali instead. Neil says that Avni decided to be away from him and ended their relationship. KK and Saisha sees a decorated car and get surprised. Kamini gets out of the car and hugs Saisha and KK. Kamini says that she cannot live away from her son. Kamini tells Saisha that she is their daughter in law now and the mother of KK’s child.

Kamini asks Avni to send Saisha soon. KK tells Avni that he will always take good care of Saisha. Bebe asks Kamini to send KK for pag phera ritual. Kamini say that she will fulfil all rituals. Kamini gives designer clothes to Saisha. Saisha says thank you aunty and Kamini asks her to call her mother. Rahil congratulates Kamini for accepting Saisha. A man calls Kamini and tells her that sukoon house has been bought. Kamini gets happy. Avni worries that Kamini must be up to some trouble.

Bebe asks Avni to stay back but Avni says that she will leave as she had waited only for Saisha’s wedding. Shweta calls everyone for food. Avni packs her bag and her finger gets cut on the zipper. Neil runs to her and sucks her finger. Avni gets emotional. Sunehri informs Avni that their landlord has lost the house and they cannot return home. All children worry about where they will live. Precap: Mitali tells Avni that Neil left police force as he could not save her. Avni says that Neil used to love her but now only Mitali can give him the love that he deserves.

Naamkaran 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Mitali tells Avni why Neil Left Police because He Couldn’t Save You he Loved You.But What You did He doesn’t deserve this.Avni tells Mitali That Neil Loved me But what he Deserve only You can give him.