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Naamkaran 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Mowgli-Avni's Secret come out Mowgli Left House


Naamkaran 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 19th April 2018 Episode Start With Prakash asks Avni how she will forget blood relation. Prakash asks Avni whether Mowgli is Neil’s son. Avni is speechless. Prakash says that Mowgli is exactly like Neil. Neil comes to meet Mitali in hospital. Neil holds Mitali’s hand and asks her whether she will marry him. Neil says that Avni is no longer in his mind or his heart. Mitali is stunned. Doctor sends Neil away.  Prakash asks Avni to tell the truth. Prakash says that he felt a special connection with Mowgli when he stayed with him.

Prakash asks Avni why she hid the truth. Avni says that she came to know about her pregnancy only once she landed in Kashid. Prakash asks Avni to tell the truth as he needs to know about his son. Avni requests Prakash not to tell Neil the truth as he will snatch Mowgli from her. Neil says that Neil hates her and he will hate her more knowing that she hid Mowgli’s truth from him. Prakash says that Mowgli needs to know about his father. Avni says she cannot lose Mowgli. Prakash asks Avni why Mowgli should live like an orphan when his parents are alive.

Neil comes to meet Mitali again. Neil tells Mitali that she will get discharge soon. Mitali asks Neil to ask himself whether he has forgotten the past and then only should he move on. Mitali admits that she loves him a lot but wonders whether he will be able to love her. Avni looks at Mowgli’s things and remembers the day when he was born. Flashback shows that Avni promises her baby that she will always take care of him. Flashback ends. Avni wonders whether Mowgli will love her knowing the truth. Sunehri comes there and tells Avni that Prakash is right. Sunehri tells Avni that she is doing wrong with Mowgli and his father.

Sunehri tells Avni that she is not allowing Mowgli to meet his parents although they are alive. Avni fears that Neil will snatch Mowgli from her. Sunehri says that Mowgli does not know that his Jaan Didi is his mother. Mowgli hears this. Avni admits she is Mowgli’s mother and Mowgli gets shocked hearing this. Saisha serves food to Kamini and Kamini says that she does not accept her as her daughter in law anymore. Kamini taunts her. Saisha goes away. Kamini thinks that she will make Avni and Saisha’s life hell. Avni calls all kids for food. Mowgli does not come. Sunehri goes to look for Mowgli but he is not there. Avni gets worried for Mowgli. Sunehri tells Avni that this is God’s punishment as Mowgli has gone away from her. Avni asks Sunehri to help her find Mowgli. Mowgli walks on the road and cries.

Mowgli thinks about Avni and cries. Shweta tells Bebe that Prakash is quite ever since he has come back after meeting Avni. Bebe says that Prakash is hiding something. Neil comes there and Bebe and Shweta see blood on his hand. Neil says that Mitali is fine. Neil tells them that he has proposed marriage to Mitali. Bebe asks Neil to not take any decision in anger. Neil asks them not to stay in the past. Shweta is happy with Neil’s decision. Neil says he wants to marry Mitali.

Naamkaran 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil sees Avni tensed. Avni tells him, that it is all her fault. Neil asks what fault.