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Naamkaran 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update

Avni Gets Neil’s Marriage News


Naamkaran 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 23rd April 2018 Episode Start With Mitali asks Neil whether he has spoken to Avni about their marriage. Neil says that Avni is no longer important in his life and he does not need to tell her. Neil says that he no longer has any relation with Avni and there will never be any relation with her. Later, Neil burns Avni’s belongings. Neil thinks about his wedding with Avni. Avni thinks of Neil. Avni wishes that Neil should get happiness in his life.

Shweta sees Neil burning Avni’s things and asks him what he is doing. Neil says that it is a funeral pyre of all the pain that he kept in his heart for 10 years. Shweta says that she kept Avni’s memories for so many years and he burnt them down. Neil asks Shweta whether he is doing the right thing. Shweta says that she loves Avni but he needs to move on and accept Mitali. Neil says that it is now time for him to start a new life.

Neil at Avni’s doorstep in middle of night.Prakash is tensed and asks Shweta whether Neil and Mitali’s marriage decision is right. Shweta says that it is an absolutely right decision. Prakash says that Neil and Avni have ego problems. Prakash says that they were destined to meet one another again. Prakash is about to tells Shweta about Mowgli but he stops himself remembering Avni’s words. Saisha is excited as she gets an invitation for a film party. Saisha thinks what to wear and asks Kamini what she should wear to the party. Kamini taunts Saisha and tells her that she has been invited so that gossip mongers can talk about her as she is an illegitimate. Kamini warns Saisha against going to the party.

Saisha goes away and Kamini thinks that she will not keep Saisha in the house for long. Avni meets a lawyer who agrees to help her. The lawyer is Kamini’s man and he talks to Kamini about working with Avni. Kamini asks the lawyer to follow her orders. Mowgli asks Avni whether he can call her mumma. Avni says he can call her mumma but only when they are alone and not in front of other kids. Mitali comes to meet Avni and tells her that she is going to take a big decision.

Mitali tells Avni that Neil has proposed to her and they are going to be married. Avni is shocked. Mitali asks Avni whether she is alright. Avni says she is very happy for them as she wanted Neil to move on. Mitali says that she would never have agreed for Neil’s proposal if she had not encouraged her for it. Avni goes to her room and cries. Avni tells herself not to cry as she wanted Neil to be happy. Avni meets the lawyer and tells him to handle her accounts too. Sunehri tells Avni that they are running short of Rs 10000 and Avni gets tensed. Lawyer tells Kamini that the work is going on as per her orders.

Shweta shows clothes to Mitali. Mitali says that she met Avni and told her about her and Neil’s wedding. Neil gets angry hearing this. Bebe asks her what Avni said. Mitali says that Avni was happy for her and gave her blessings. Neil walks off angrily. Later, Avni feels sad thinking about Neil’s wedding. Mowgli asks Avni why she is crying. Avni does not tell him. Mowgli offers to make her smile with a chocolate. Avni is asleep at night and someone knocks on the door. Avni sees that it is Neil.


Naamkaran 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni is at Neil’s party and Mowgli slips and falls. Avni asks if he is alright. Mowgli calls Avni Mumma. Neil gets shocked hearing this.