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Naamkaran 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Neil Bursts His Anger on Avni for Hiding Mowgli's Truth


Naamkaran 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 25th April 2018 Episode start With Prakash tells Avni that it is best that she tells the truth to everyone by herself. Neil remembers past moments with Mowgli. Bebe emotionally says that Mowgli is just like Neil. Neil storms out of there angrily. Shweta tells Avni that she lied to them and went away and they forgave her. She came back and went away and again they forgave her. However, she lied about Mowgli to them and now they cannot forgive her. Bebe scolds Avni and says that she betrayed them. Prakash asks Avni to go to Neil and handle him.

Avni agrees and goes to Neil’s room. Lawyer tells Sunehri that a couple has liked Jeetu for adoption. Sunehri says she cannot take the procedure forward without Avni. Lawyer informs Kamini about wining Avni’s trust and Kamini tells him to ruin Avni’s orphanage the way she has ruined her family. Avni confronts Neil and tells him that she came to know about her pregnancy when she had reached Kashid.

Avni says that she had already made a decision to go away and therefore she did not come back. Avni says that Mowgli too came to know that she is her mother just a few days back. Neil says that she was so tensed when Mowgli was missing because she knew he is her son. Neil scolds Avni and tells her that she could have informed him when she was pregnant. Avni says that she wanted to stay away as she wanted to keep herself safe from her. Neil tells Avni that she kept Mowgli away from him and ruined his life. Neil says that Mowgli had to live a life of an orphan although his parents were alive.

Neil says that she has betrayed Mowgli the most. Avni admits that she has done wrong but she did everything for everyone’s safety.Shweta asks Prakash why he hid the truth from them. Prakash says that he was going to tell them but Avni had made him promise that he will not reveal Mowgli’s truth to anyone. Shweta is very angry and says that Mowgli is not just Avni’s child. Mowgli asks Shweta whether they are his grandparents and whether Neil is his father.

Shweta says yes. Neil asks Avni why has she come now when he is about to start a new life and whether she wants to add poison in his life. Mowgli screams out that Neil is his father. Mitali hears this. Neil asks Avni whether she wants to break his marriage with Mitali by revealing the truth now. Neil tells Avni that all this was her plan to stop his engagement with Mitali but he will still get engaged with her and will marry her next week. Neil asks Avni to run away again and never return to his life. Neil asks Avni to get out of his life. Neil asks her to go away before he loses his cool.

Mitali is about to faint but Shweta takes care of her. Mowgli runs to Neil   and asks him whether he is his father. Neil gets emotional and is about to hug Mowgli but Avni grabs Mowgli’s hand and drags him away from there. Avni takes Mowgli dragging away and Mowgli says that he wants to talk to superman. Shweta, Prakash, Bebe and Mitali are shocked seeing Avni dragging away Mowgli. Mitali is shocked that Mowgli is Neil’s son. Shweta tells her that they too came to know few minutes back. Shweta feels bad that Neil is not able to move on and Mowgli’s truth will not allow him to move on further. Mowgli keeps saying that he wants to be with superman. Avni tells him that he cannot stay there and they will go back to their house.

Mitali comes to meet Neil and tells him that they cannot go ahead with the engagement as he has a son who is his future. Mitali is about to go but Neil grabs her hand and tells her that he wants to get married to her. Neil tells Mitali that cannot let Avni win as she wants to break their relation. Neil says that Avni cannot see him living in peace and only wants to ruin his life.  Mitali tells Neil that he is going in wrong direction again. Mitali asks Neil to accept and admit that he still loves Avni and Mowgli is the proof of their love.

Naamkaran 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil gives Avni a document saying that he has filed for Mowgli’s custody.