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Naamkaran 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Neil Files Custody Case


Naamkaran 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 26th April 2018 Episode Start With  Mitali tells Neil that Avni is his love and he should accept her back. Neil says that he has only got pain after loving Avni. Neil tells Mitali that he will get happiness after marrying her and therefore he only wants to marry her. Prakash come there and tells Mitali that Shweta is calling her. Neil tells Prakash that he will not let Avni win anymore and he will marry Mitali. Prakash asks Neil to think about Mowgli. Young Avni asks Avni to think about Mowgli now.

Young Avni tells Avni that if Neil gets married to Mitali then Mowgli too will be called illegitimate. Young Avni says that Mowgli will also not get his father’s love. Young Avni says that Mowgli will be left feeling alone and confused. Prakash says that Mowgli has lived a life of an orphan and now he needs a family. Neil says that he will give Mowgli a family with him and Mitali and Avni will get punished for her sins. Prakash asks how Mowgli will live without his mother. Neil says that Mitali will be a better mother for him that Avni. Neil insists that he will marry only Mitali.

Neil and Avni’s divorce drama Mitali and Neil make each other wear ring and cut cake. They feed the cake to each other. Neil says that he is happy to marry his friend. Mitali says that he is hiding his pain behind his smile. Mitali hopes he will not regret his decision. Neil says he will never. Avni gets food for Mowgli but he is angry. Mowgli asks why he cannot have a normal family like other kids. Avni remembers her own childhood when he had asked her parents for a normal family.

Mowgli asks why he cannot live with his father and Avni tells him that he is getting married to someone else. Mowgli says that his father is bad as he asked her to get out. Avni gets angry with Mowgli and says his father is not bad. Avni tells young Avni that she cannot give Mowgli a normal family. Next day, lawyer tells Avni and Sunehri that Jeetu has been liked by a family for adoption. Neil comes there with a lawyer. The lawyer gives a letter to Avni. Neil says that he has filed a case in court to get custody for his son Mowgli. Avni is shocked. Neil also gives Avni divorce papers.

Avni ask Neil not to take away Mowgli from her. Avni says that Mowgli is the reason for her life. Neil says that Mowgli will no longer live a life of an orphan. Neil asks Avni to come to court on time. Neil returns home and sees Mitali there. Neil tells her that he gave divorce papers to Avni and also filed for Mowgli’s custody. Mitali asks Neil not to take Mowgli away from Avni as she is his mother. Neil gets angry. Avni cries seeing Mowgli playing around.


Naamkaran 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni asks Neil whether he knows anything about Mowgli’s likes or dislike. Avni says that she may not be able to give comforts to Mowgli but she is a good mother to him.