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Naamkaran 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Avni is under Arrest Neil bails her Out


Naamkaran 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 5th April 2018 Episode Start With Avni tells KK that his relation with Saisha cannot happen. Avni says that she knows he will not support Saisha in time of need. KK tells Avni that she too was illegitimate then why she wants Saisha to go through this pain. Avni says that she wants to make Saisha stronger than her. Avni says that she is refusing for this alliance. Later, KK tells Kamini that Saisha is a very nice girl.

KK says that he and his PR team will handle everything. Kamini says she will never allow it. KK says that he loves Saisha a lot and wants to marry only her. Kamini angrily breaks the glass. Kamini says that nothing is working and she is failing to stop this drama. Kamini says that Saisha is a road side girl and she will go to any length to stop her and KK’s alliance. Neil gets Saisha to Ayesha’s grave.

Neil says that Ayesha loved Ashish unconditionally and never cared about the world. Neil says that Ayesha died loving Ashish. Neil tells Saisha that Avni did not want her to fall into any trouble as KK is also like Ashish who only listens to his mother.

Later, Neil also tells Saisha about Neela and how she never got her husband’s love. Neil tells Saisha that Avni saved her from her father who never wanted her life. Neil says that Avni stayed away from him for 10 years so that she could save her. Neil says that he may not be able to forgive Avni as she could have discussed their problem rather than running away from him. Neil tells Saisha that she is not able to understand Avni’s real love for her. Saisha says that she should apologize to Avni as she has made a very big mistake.

Avni listens to them. Media people surround Avni and ask her questions about where she was since the past 10 years. Kamini thinks that Media will make Avni and Saisha infamous. Media asks questions to Neil also. Police comes there and takes away Avni to jail. Saisha tries to go after Avni but Avni asks her to go away. Avni’s news comes on TV and KK and his family see it. Kamini asks KK whether he wants to marry in such a family. Kamini asks Manmohan to make a statement to media that they don’t know anything about this incident. KK tells his father that he needs his help to help Saisha.

Rahil says that he cannot help him. Shweta and Prakash make Neil understand that Avni has done everything for their family. Orphanage kids wonder why Avni is arrested. Bebe tells Neil that Avni had to break the law to deal with an enemy like Vidyut. Bebe asks Neil why is he not helping Avni. Neil asks his family members to be quite and he is not a policeman anymore. Neil gets a call and says he is coming. Saisha pleads the inspector to allow her to meet Avni once. Inspector calls Kamini and tells her that he will deal with Avni. Inspector interrogates Avni and asks her to explain everything that she has done in the past.

Inspector asks Avni to speak as she is quite. Neil comes there and stops the inspector. Neil gets a lawyer along. Inspector taunts Neil and tells him that he will get his wife punished. Neil asks inspector to stay within law. Neil gets bail for Avni. Neil gets questioned by media people and he explains that Avni has not done any crime as she ran away to save herself from Vidyut. Neil says that Vidyut admitted his crime to him. One of the reporters is paid by Kamini. The reporter calls Saisha an illegitimate girl and asks about her parents.

Naamkaran 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Rahil tells Kamini that KK has run away. Avni gets a letter from Saisha saying that she is going away with KK as she loves him a lot.