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Naamkaran 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Avni Leaves Neil's House with Teary Eyes Saisha Elopes with KK


Naamkaran 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 6th April 2018 Episode Start With Reporter says that Saisha is an illegitimate girl and ask Avni about her parents. Avni gets angry on reporter. Other reporter also calls Saisha illegitimate. Avni gets really angry and warns the reporters. Avni takes Saisha away from there. Avni returns home and Samrat tells her that he likes this avtaar of hers. Sunehri tells Avni that they should keep Saisha away from these troubles as she is very disturbed. Avni says that this time she will not run away and will face the world.

Avni tells Sunehri that they will return to Kashid today. Saisha asks Avni whether she can call KK. Avni warns Saisha against it. Avni thanks Neil. Neil asks Avni to stay away from here and go to Kashid. Avni asks Neil what will he do. Neil asks Avni not to worry for him and also says that their paths can never unite.Avni furious as Saisha elopes again

Later, Prakash confronts Neil and asks him to forgive Avni and accept her back. Neil says he can never forgive Avni. Prakash tells Neil that he knows that he still loves her. Neil refuses saying that he does not love her anymore. Samrat asks Saisha to get ready and they will leave soon. Saisha gets KK’s call and Saisha tells him that they will run away and get married. KK agrees and asks Saisha to meet him at a temple. Avni and everyone else gets ready to leave Neil’s house.

Avni hugs Shweta emotionally. Saisha escapes from there. Shweta and Prakash are sad and Avni asks them not to cry. Avni meets Bebe but she walks away. Saisha leave in a rikshaw. Bebe gives Avni a gift and tells her that she will not stop her from leaving. Avni takes the gift. Avni notices that Saisha is missing. Kamini is angry as KK is missing. Rahil tells Kamini that KK has run away. Avni looks around the house for Saisha. Avni calls Saisha but she does not take her call. Avni sees Saisha’s note. Avni reads the note where Saisha says that she loves KK a lot and knows that she will forgive her.

Saisha reaches the temple dressed as a bride. Saisha remembers taking bridal clothes from Avni’s bag. Priest asks Saisha what she is doing here and Saisha says she will get married. Saisha says that groom will come soon. Avni is angry with Saisha for running away again. Neil says that KK’s phone is also unreachable. Avni calls at KK’s house but no one answers her. Pandit asks Saisha how long will her to be husband take to come. Saisha says he will come soon. Mitali finds Saisha’s phone in the garden and gives it to Neil. KK reaches the temple dressed as a groom.

Kamini also reaches there. Kamini asks KK whether he seriously wants to marry that illegitimate girl. KK says yes and says that he loves Saisha a lot and wants to marry her. KK asks Kamini not to stop him. Kamini asks KK how dare he gets married against her will. KK tells Kamini that he has always followed her decision since childhood. KK says that now he wants to take this decision on his own. Kamini gets emotional and says that KK is leaving her for some random girl.

Kamini says that she always ensured that his image is clean in front of the world. Kamini says that all her efforts are lost. Kamini asks KK to go ahead and get married if he thinks that he is right. Kamini tells KK that if he marries Saisha then she will lose respect for him forever. Kamini tells KK that he will die for her if she chooses Saisha over her. Kamini asks KK to choose between the two. Mitali and DD try to track Saisha. Avni says that they will have to take help from Kamini to find Saisha and KK.


Naamkaran 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni asks Kamini where is Saisha. Kamini taunts Avni and asks her to find her useless daughter. Rahil calls Avni secretly and tells her that KK and Saisha are at a temple