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Naamkaran 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Saisha is Pregnant Avni Slaps Saisha


Naamkaran 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 9th April 2018 Episode Start With KK comes for the havan. Kamini tells the pandit to save KK from evil eye. Avni and Neil land up there and asks KK where is Saisha. Kamini asks Avni how dare she talk badly with KK. Avni demands to know where is Saisha.

Kamini badmouths Saisha. Neil tells Kamini that she will have to face repercussion of talking badly about Saisha. Kamini says that her son is with her but Saisha is nowhere to be seen. Avni gets furious saying that they don’t care about Saisha. Avni taunts KK for saying that he cares for Saisha. Avni warns that she will never let Saisha get married in this house.

Saisha waits for KK but he does not arrive. Pandit asks Saisha about her to be husband and Saisha says she will come soon. Neil scolds KK and tells him to reveal Saisha’s location. Neil warns KK never to say that he loves Saisha. KK starts crying and Kamini asks him not to be weak. Mitali finds out that Saisha is nowhere to be seen.

Avni is tensed about Saisha. Neil asks Avni to calm down. Avni gets a call. Rahil talks to Avni and tells her about the temple where Saisha has gone. Neil and Avni reach the temple and Saisha demands to know where is KK. Saisha blames Avni for taking KK away from her. Saisha asks Avni to get KK anyhow. Saisha faints. Saisha is brought to the house and everyone worries for her.

Avni tells Bebe that Saisha is suffering from exertion as she was crying all night. Later, Sunehri tells Avni that Kamini was talking nonsense about Saisha and KK is his mother’s puppet. Avni says that they will have to tell Saisha about this truth very carefully. Mowgli and Pinki fight for a chocolate and Avni resolves the matter. Sunehri asks Avni why she always gives Mowgli less. Avni says because he is youngest and is spoilt by everyone. Later, Mitali confronts Neil but Neil is still angry. Mitali apologizes to Neil for what she has done and says that she did everything as she started to like him.

Neil says that he is very disappointed with her. Neil drives away but he sees Mitali crying and returns to her. Mitali apologizes to Neil and tells him that she will see him just as a friend from now on. Avni gets the doctor’s call and doctor informs that Saisha is pregnant. Avni gets shocked and drops the phone. Shweta asks Avni what is the problem. Avni is silent so Saisha asks her why she is quite. Avni slaps Saisha. Avni tells everyone that Saisha is pregnant.

Avni asks Saisha why she did such a thing. Avni says that she has failed today. Avni tells Saisha she is a spoilt teenager and nothing else. Bebe also tells Saisha that she has done wrong. Shweta says that they will have to think about how to handle this situation. Saisha says that she loves KK. Avni gets angry and goes away. Later, Shweta and Bebe console Saisha. Saisha asks them for forgiveness. Avni tells Sunehri that she has never hit any kid but today she had to slap Saisha. Avni says that she has just two ways now.

Naamkaran 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni tells Saisha to come to the hospital and drags her away. Neil stops Avni and asks her not to take such a big decision in haste. Avni says that her decision is right.