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Naira returns home after a successful surgery


It gets tough for Kartik to pass time and wait for the operation to end. He talks to some old men and tells them about his love story with Naira. He wishes the surgery gets successful. The men give their best wishes and bless him to become a good father. Kartik revisits his love story while sharing it with them. He stays worried for Naira, who undergoes the surgery. Naira holds much courage. Aryan tells Suhana that Naira has gone for the surgery and the house looks lonely without Kartik and Naira. Suhana finds it a good chance to enter the house and impress the family in Naira’s absence. Kartik asks the doctor about Naira’s surgery result, if its successful or not. He wants to know if Naira is safe.

Doctor tells Kartik that Naira kicked him during semi-conscious state and called him a monkey. The family laughs knowing Naira’s naughty talk. Doctor tells them that the surgery was successful and they can hope for the best. Devyaani gets hurt by Kirti’s move to dump the home-made medicine/kada. She tells Bhabhimaa that Kirti must just consult her family doctor and follow the diet. She doesn’t share the entire matter for Kirti’s sake. Kirti feels sorry.

Kartik gets excited to meet Naira and talk to her. Naira stays in anesthesia’s effect and confesses love to Kartik. She then gets conscious and meets her family. She tells them that she didn’t get scared of the surgery. Dadi asks Kartik to stay with Naira. Kirti gives this good news to family. She impresses them by making bhog to thank Lord. Kirti stays concerned for Naira. Kartik stays by Naira’s side and tells her that he loves her a lot. Naira tells him that she was much scared, but tried to be strong. Kartik realizes she had hidden her fears and had been bearing all the pain for the family’s sake. Kartik and Naira return home. Aryan tells them how much he missed them. Dadi does the aarti and welcomes Naira.

Suwarna tells Naira that Suhana has been looking after kids and family in her absence. Suhana acts good and tries to take Naira’s place. She tries to get things in her control. Naira gets a surprise from the family. She thanks Naitik and Kartik for the surprise. Aryan asks Naira to take rest, Suhana will stay with them and manage work. Naira asks Suhana to go home. Kartik takes care of Naira. They await the positive results of the test. Kirti talks to Dadi. Devyaani and Dadi’s mindsets don’t match. Dadi shares her worries about Kirti. Dadi asks Devyaani to shift Kirti’s room downstairs. Devyaani doesn’t want to blindly follow Dadi’s commands. She leaves the decision to Naksh and Kirti.