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Nazar Update: Ansh daavansh avatar, Ansh to breaking Pia Naman’s wedding


Nazar: Ansh (Harsh Rajput) takes daavansh avatar, Mohana (Antara Biswas) warns Vedashree

The upcoming episode of Star Plus supernatural drama Nazar is up for high voltage drama.Pia is getting married to Naman as Naman had lied to her that Gurumaa wanted them to get married.Ansh thus breakthrough in Pia and Naman’s wedding alliance and takes Pia away but Naman isn’t ready to let this happen.

Naman and his goons thus attacks Ansh and tried to stop him but this will instigate Ansh’s daavansh avatar.

Ansh and Naman’s fierce fight for Pia

Ansh will thus turn evil to fight against Naman and his goons and will have fierce fight with them.Pia is shocked seeing Ansh’s this avatar and comes forward to control him and calms down his anger.Naman is playing his game to get Pia and befools her to get married, Naman tells Pia that Gurumaa wanted them to get married.

While Ansh is not ready to let this happen as he loves Pia and goes to her wedding where he asks Pia to come.Ansh drags Pia out of mandap and then Naman and goons attacks over Ansh and thus he turns into devil.

Ansh turns daavansh

Ansh turns into daavansh and fights against goons and Pia is shocked seeing this and comes to stop Ansh.Pia sees Ansh’s this side and is scared but promises to not let Ansh go on way of devil rather to stay at peace.

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