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Nazar Update: Ansh to backfires Naman conspiracy drags Piya mandap


Nazar: Ansh drags Piya out of wedding mandap backfires Naman dirty conspiracy

Star Plus one of the most awaited show Nazar will soon bring ahead Naman (Amir S Khan) and Piya’s (Niyati Fatnani) wedding.Namam misleads Piya and makes her believe that Gurumaa wanted them to get married.Ansh gets to know about how he insulted Piya amid his wedding, Ansh steps up to confess sorry to Piya.

But Naman breaks Piya’s phone and determines to never let Ansh and Piya come in contact with each other.And this will now unveil another big twist when Naman and Piya will announce their wedding.Ansh flops Naman conspiracy,Ansh gets determined to meet Piya where destiny favors him,

Ansh finally tracks down Piya but is shocked to see that Piya is getting married to Naman.While Naman and Piya will now be getting married, Ansh will make his dhamakedaar entry shocking Piya and Naman.

Ansh and Piya unite

Destiny will bring Ansh back to Piya, where Ansh will take Piya with him, Naman and his goons will attack Ansh but of no use as Ansh will eventually come in his real Daavansh avatar and will beat them ruthlessly.Where Piya will get scared of Ansh Daavansh avatar, she will determine to shield him from Daayan’s evil powers,

Let see how Ansh and Piya will once again unite when Ansh will forcefully break Naman and Piya’s wedding.

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