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Nazar Update: Gurumaa gain conscious, Ansh and Piya finally reunite


Nazar: Gurumaa revive from comma unite Ansh Piya revealing their destined match

Star Plus daily TV Soap Nazar is looking forward for Ansh and Piya reunion.Ansh finally arrives to bring Piya to save Vedeshree, while as soon as he tracks down Naman and Piyas wedding Ansh creates a huge drama shocking Piya.

Naman and his goons beat Ansh and try to stop him but Ansh Daavansh avatar ruins everything.Meanwhile, when Naman fails to stop Ansh, Naman attempts to kill his own mother for Piya but thanks to Ansh who will save Gurumaa from evil Naman.

Ansh and Piya finally reunite

Naman will also try to kill Ansh but Ansh will drastically defeat Naman’s evil motives.It would be quite interesting to watch how Gurumaa will reveal Piya about her destined match with Ansh.

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