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Nazar Update: Mohana reveals Ansh truth, Mohana’s open challenge against Rathods


Nazar: Mohana’s open challenge against Rathods stunned to realize Ansh’s unspoken secret

In the thriller storyline of Nazar,The avid fans and the viewers will get to see Mohana (Monalisa) and Rathods drastic face off.Vedeshree finally discloses Ruby’s (Sonyaa) daayan identity before her family…

While the familys stands shocked, Vedeshree reveals that they will have to break Ansh and Ruby’s relationship while then only Daayan Mohana makes her shocking entry.

Mohana reveals Ansh truth

And finally Mohana opens challenge against rathods that now when Ansh got married to Ruby,Ansh will soon become full Daavansh, his human qualities will turn into devil powers and then he will return back to her Daayan Mom.

While Vedeshree and the family is stunned hearing Mohana, It would be highly intense to watch how Rathod family will now save their Ansh from Daayan Ruby and Mohana.

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