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Nazar Update: Mohana surprises Vedeshree, Mohana and Vedeshree are real sisters


Nazar Update & Nazar Latest news : Dayan Mohana and Vedeshree are real sisters a drastic storm to hit Rathods into hell

Star Plus supernatural thriller saga Nazar is up for another deadly twist in the storyline.Here Daayan Mohana finally gets released from the captivity and now is returning back in Rathod Family.Where Ansh and Ruby got married and Vedeshree has become puppet of Ruby’s hands, Ruby is ruling on Ansh and Vedeshree.

But what comes up shocking is that Vedeshree and Mohana’s major confrontation.

Mohana surprises Vedeshree

Mohana is back with her immense witch powers and has returned to take revenge.While she is up to trap her son in the devil powers, Vedeshree is left hell wreck shocked after Mohana calls her sister.

Mohana and Vedeshree took birth from one mother while their fathers were different,Where the high voltage truth shocks Vedeshree, this is the only reason why Mohana is behind Rathod family just because of her sister.

How will Vedeshree now protect her family and her son Ansh?Tune in to for more upcoming updates and latest news.