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Neil Avni’s adorable flashback turns painful at present (Upcoming Story)


Naamkaran: Neil (Zain Imam) warns Avni (Aditi Rathore) to never sell off his things gifted to her with utmost love

In the ongoing series of Star Plus popular and well admired show Naamkaran loyal viewers will get to witness interesting twist.

It seems Avni goes to a jewellery shop to sell off the bracelet gifted by Neil with love as she was in need of money.

However, Neil witness Avni and gets infuriated.

Neil thus once again purchases this bracelet and returns the same to Avni warning her to never sell off his things to anyone flaunting his immense hatred.

Neil does not give Avni a chance to give any explanation which hurts Avni too.

Neil and Avni even though they love each other shows off hatred where later both of them cries bitterly.

Neil Avni breakdown realising bitter present

After Neil makes his exit, Neil recalls entire beautiful romantic and memorable moment spent with Avni and break down realising the bitter present.

Will Neil and Avni’s these differences come to an end soon?

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