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Papa By Chance 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Yuvaan And Amrit Support Gungun


Papa By Chance 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update, Papa By Chance Written Update on

Papa By Chance 11th October 2018 Episode Start With Amrit and Gungun confusing Yuvaan. Amrit folds the saree. Yuvaan comes to her and helps. She says so sweet, I m sorry, are you listening. He gets messages. She asks him about his Gfs. He says its school kids’ moms, they have made whatsapp group to inform about activities. He says Gungun didn’t come home till now. He calls Gungun. Gungun is on the way, crying. She gets Yuvaan’s call and disconnects. Gungun gets scared. Yuvaan says where can Gungun be. Ullu asks why didn’t gungun come till now. Yuvaan says actually…

Amrit says she is gossiping with friends, we are going school to get her, go and have dinner with Dhoni. She says I will go school and check, you look around for her. Gungun recalls her mum’s words. She cries and says don’t call me Yuvaan, I won’t come back home, I can’t die in front of my brothers. Yuvaan looks for Gungun and says she isn’t at school, where did she go. He worriedly asks people. He sees Gungun crying and asks her the matter. Gungun asks what shall I do, I m dying. He asks what nonsense.

She says so I didn’t come home. He asks what did this happen, Gungun is so young and dying. She says my state is really bad. He also cries with her. He says what will happen to Dhoni and Ullu. Amrit comes there hearing Gungun and Yuvaan crying. She asks why are you crying. Yuvaan says Gungun will be alive for few days. Amrit asks Gungun what happened to her. Gungun tells her about stomach ache and weakness. Amrit says what’s your age. Gungun says 13 years. Amrit says no one is dying, come with me, you are strong girl. Yuvaan asks Amrit to say what happened. Amrit says Gungun is growing. Yuvaan says oh, it means she is growing up.

Amrit asks him to go and get sanitary pad. Yuvaan asks what, I have no experience. Amrit sends him. Bela asks Ullu and Dhoni to say some stories. Ullu tells a horror story. Bela gets scared. Yuvaan goes to chemist and asks for sanitary pads indirectly. The couple laugh seeing him. Yuvaan defends the women’s pain. Yuvaan asks the chemist why is he hiding the pad, its necessary thing for girls. He leaves. Bela gets scared hearing Ullu’s story. Yuvaan comes. They scream. Bela says kids scared me of ghosts story. Yuvaan says Gungun is in Amrit’s room.

Kids go to Gungun and ask will you sleep here. Yuvaan says she is unwell, so she will sleep here. He sends them. He gives the pads packet to Gungun. He asks are you fine. She says yes, Amrit told me. He says you should have not hidden this from me, remember one thing, there is nothing that you can’t tell me, I agree I can never take your parents’ place, but Lord may have some plan that he made us meet, you just have me, and I also don’t have anyone except you three, we should stay together. She hugs him. Amrit gets food for Gungun. Yuvaan says I m also mad.

Gungun thinks why did I hate Yuvaan so much, he is very nice, that’s why Dhoni calls him angel, maybe he is our angel sent by mum and dad. He gets a call from his friend Rohit. Rohit asks will you come to Bangkok with us, just come and enjoy on my expenses. Yuvaan says great, but I can’t come, I have imp work. Rohit says its matter of five days. Gungun asks Yuvaan to go if he wants, they will stay with Amrit and Bela. Yuvaan agrees to go. Rohit says I will meet you tomorrow. Harman says cheers….. you made me happy, Yuvaan will get trapped. He pays Rohit. Rohit praises his idea.


Papa By Chance 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update Precap: Harman says I have to use Mohini. He calls Mohini and hears Yuvaan’s voice. Mohini says it was Yuvaan who answered the call. Harman thinks your game is over now.


Papa By Chance Details

Papa By Chance is a forthcoming show on Star Bharat which is being delivered by Amir Jaffer and Sonali Jaffer’s Full House Media.This new show is an inspiration from the evergreen Aamir Khan – Juhi Chawla film Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke. The show will discuss the changing effect in a bachelor’s existence with the sudden landing of few children who he should father.Papa By Chance will see Mr. India finalist Zebby Singh as the lead performing artist of the show. He will paper the part of Yuvaan who is cool man from New Delhi.


Zebby Singh
Sana Saeed
Sehban Azim
Manasi Salvi
Arshifa Khan
Jiten Lalwani
Ishant Bhanushali

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min