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Pehredaar Piya Ki 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Pehredaar Piya Ki 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Diya saves Ratan from the falling rock on just about right time. Jumki eyes on Diya’s phone. She quickly goes inside and leaves with Diya’s phone. She can’t unlock Diya’s phone. Diya scolds Ratan and asks him to leave. Ratan says he won’t go anywhere. He will help her here only. It’s not his fault that rock came down. Diya calms herself down and now explains him nicely to do some other work. She asks him to make a list of things she says. While they are busy doing that, Jumki puts Diya’s phone back and leaves.

Jumki calls the lawyer and tells him about the password. Lawyer says they must find lab number today itself. Jumki says she will try.

Maharaj tells CT that he won’t lose list given to him by her. CT says Diya has an hour and half. Jumki says she will go and check on her. CT tells her to help Diya.

Diya is worried as time is running out. Nitya comes there and hints that Maharaj can’t lose the list. She had seen that list yesterday only. Ratan says that means Maharaj was lying. He goes to him. Nitya says Ratan is Dada Hukum, Maharaj won’t be able to say no to him. Diya stops him saying he shouldn’t use his power wrongly. He will get list his way. Jumki hears all this. Nitya thinks let CT attack again and again and she will behave nicely with Diya and get Diya on her side. Nitya tells Diya to let her know if she needs any help. She leaves. Jumki comes in now and says she needs to send picture of a prescription to someone. Diya helps her.

Ratan tricks Maharaj and checks all his pockets but can’t find grocery list. Jumki wonders where Maharaj kept it. Maharaj removes his turban and the paper was in his turban. Jumki thinks she will have to do something so Ratan doesn’t help Diya.

Ratan informs Diya that he couldn’t find the list. Diya tells him no problem. Yash comes and reminds Ratan about their horse riding class saying Jumki reminded him. Ratan doesn’t want to go, but Diya sends him.

CT is getting dress designs made. Nitya praises her game plan and asks she can’t wait to become property owner? That she already started preparations. CT says she’s getting this made for Shivani as she knows they are finding a guy for her. Whether she wins or no, they will find out in an hour. Nitya leaves.

Diya says to herself she saw what she had to. She will just go supermarket and buy grocery as per her feelings. She comes to kitchen and keeps her phone on platform. While she drinks water, her phone gets lost. Jumki had taken it and she puts it back after some time. Phulwa finds it. Diya says she had searched that place.

Lawyer has all her phone data. When he’s going through that, he gets call from Diya. She tells him she doubts someone is trying to get lab number. But she has already deleted it. Laywer says that’s good.. she needs to be careful. After Diya hangs, he is pissed off.

40 minutes are left. CT sends Jumki to help Diya. Jumki informs CT that Diya has gone to supermarket to buy grocery himself. Bhuvan says she has crossed limits. Has anyone ever gone outside to buy grocery themselves? Sakshi also tells CT that she did wrong by giving her so all responsibility.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Diya orders 15kg of every item as it’s for 15 days 1kg or each day. Store owner is surprised. Diya comes back home. CT says she still has 3 minutes if she forgot anything. Diya says no. CT asks she brought in limits right? Less or more won’t work.