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Peshwa Bajirao 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update [ Last Episode ]


Peshwa Bajirao 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baji giving his sword to Mastani. Chattrasal asks Mastani to agree to marry Peshwa Baji for their respect. Suraiyya says Maharaj is right. Baji says you have saved my life and I am trying to save your respect. He says a friend is helping other friend. Mastani accepts the sword and says you have saved my respect, I will give my life, but will never let anything happen to your respect. Chhatrasal tells Baji that he is giving gold valuables to him and also some jagirs. Baji asks him to give him blessings and send these stuff to Shahu ji’s palace as his sena fought with the mughals.

Baji recalls his marriage with Kashi. Kashi asking him not to betray her if not love him. He is about to fall in the valley when Gotiya stops him. Mastani gets down from her horse and tells that she don’t want to give pain to Peshwin Bai and says she is freeing him from all the promises which he gave to her dad. She says she can stay alone and asks him not to worry. Baji asks Mastani to take her somewhere. Kashi sees the diya about to set off and holds it with her Pallu.

Baji returns home. Kashi does his aarti and tilak. Radha says she is happy that he won the Bundelkhand battle. Kashi asks him to have food. Baji asks her to listen and tells that he has lost her trust and got married to Mastani in khand vivah.

Mastani laughs it off and says he is still childish. Radha asks what you are saying? Baji tells everything. Kashi says you have proved that you are Baba’s son, and says now I understood why did you forgive Baba. Radha cries. Chima ji is shocked.

Kashi says she will do her aarti and asks where is she? Baji says she refused to come here. Kashi says you are far ahead of your father, atleast he kept his second wife secretly away from here. Baji says I have done wrong with you, whatever I did was to save her respect. Kashi asks what about her respect. Kashi says you have saved her respect and snatched my ego/trust. Baji says Mastani don’t want me to tell this, but I am telling this, and says she has freed me of marriage.

Kashi says you don’t understand marriage and says whenever you go to battlefield, I used to wait for you. She says I will think that someone applies sindoor of your name, who is your wife and says you thinks of her as your responsibility and that’s why made arrangements of her stay. She says I told you not to break my trust and says my heart is not big like Aayi Saheb. She says I can’t do this, I will give this good news to everyone so that people can know who is real Peshwa Baji Rao.

She comes to the mashaal and is about to throw the water in it. Radha stops her and asks what you are doing in anger. Kashi says when our relation is no more then what to do. Radha asks her to end Mastani and Baji’s relation and says it is not relation, but stain which will needs to be washed. She asks her to use all rights of Peshwin Bai. Kashi asks will you fulfill your promise made to my Aayi. Radha nods. Kashi looks at the mashaal.

Baji tells Chima ji to send the gifts to Shahu ji’s palace. Chima ji says ok. Radha reads the letter and says Shahu ji returned the gifts and says this is mastani’s dowry and asks Chima ji to keep the stuff in her house. She says I don’t want Mastani or her wealth, but this thing will help me to make people’s mouth shut. Chima ji says if Bhao comes to know then? Radha says did he tell me before marrying Mastani, we will also not tell.

Sevika informs Mastani that a woman came to meet her. Mastani thinks Kashi Bai must have come. She meets her. Kashi asks her to call her Peshwin Bai and says she heard that Bundelkhand girls are beautiful and says she doesn’t know that they trap men. Mastani hears silently and tells Kashi that Rao didn’t do mistake. Kashi asks her not to call him Rao, but Peshwa Saheb. She says we got married with elders’ blessings, you got married to his kataar, you can become my sautan, but can’t become Rao’s wife. Mastani says you are rich family’s daughter, I thought you will be in manners. She says she is ready to share his pain. Kashi says I talked some bitter words, but get ready to have many from people. Gotiya informs Baji that he can’t save Mastani’s respect if he stays far from her. Baji gets angry and asks where is Aayi Saheb.

Radha comes to Mastani. Mastani touches her feet. Radha moves back and says you are beautiful and have trapped my son by your beauty, I am his mum and asks her to return to Bundelkhand. Mastani says I thanked you when he saved my respect, you should be proud of him, but you are hurting him. She promises not to snatch Kashi’s rights and one thing connects both of us and that, you can do anything for him and even I can do anything for him. Kashi is making rangoli.

Gotiya brings Mastani there. Radha stops her from entering there and asks her to return, says he can’t let her enter here. Baji says she will not go anywhere, brings kalash and keeps on her way. Kashi asks what you are doing. Baji says he is doing right. He asks Mastani to step inside as his wife. Radha stops him. He asks why did you keep the stuff at home sent by her father. Radha says she has kept it for him and not for her. Baji tells Kashi that Mastani will stay in the house as his wife and says Peshwin Bai will be Kashi only. He holds her hand and asks her to kick kalash and come in. kashi is taken aback.

After some years,

Baji asks kashi where is Mastani. Kashi says where she shall be. Baji says she should have been with me. Kashi asks what is in her, which I don’t have. Baji says you couldn’t understand that I need support and not seva. He says you never trusted me, my love and that I will fulfill all my promises and says you are worried for Nana Saheb’s future, and says I don’t know how are Mastani and Shamsher. He says I have never snatched your rights, but this time you will not do my tilak. Some attacker attacks mastani and she falls down. Shamsher looks on shocked.

When Peshwa Baji Rao was on death bed, Radha got Mastani and her son Shamsher arrested. Kashi asks Radha to free Mastani and Shamsher and says only she can treat Baji and says she is his soul. Radha says he forgot his promise made to me and you, and says she won’t let mastani’s reflection fall on him. Kashi asks her not to be strict and cries She holds the mashaal with her.
Baji is on dead bed and imagines mastani. He says I know you will come to me, I know Aayi Saheb and Peshwin Bai will not be heartless. He stands up and holds her hand. She asks are you ready. In the prison, Baji’s soul comes to Mastani and holds her hand. They leave for the heaven. Kashi is shocked to see the mashaal off. Chima ji comes to Kashi and tells that Bhao and Mastani…(died). Kashi is about to fall down from terrace and die, when her son calls her. Kashi stops and cries hugging him.

A voiceover is heard that Baji have fought many battles and won over Mughals in Delhi. Although he lived for 40 years, but his story was big and the Indian nation will remember this forever. This marks for the show’s ending.