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Peshwa Bajirao 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chima ji telling Baji that you have the right on this sword etc. Baji says I trust you very much, and says we both have same blood and same mission. He says Shahu ji said right that shastra and shhastra are important. He says we both are one now. You shall take care of Shhastra, I will take care of Shastra. Chima ji says he will never leave him and thanks him for the trust. They share a hug. Gotiya also hugs them. Kashi is walking like Peshwin Bai. Rakhma and Anu bai laughs. Kashi asks why they are laughing and says she will be peshwin Bai now and thinking to make her portrait made. Rakhma says 20-30 days will be taken for the same. Kashi says it is difficult to be Peshwin Bai. Bhiu comes and asks Kashi to think about Baji, and says you have to realize that Peshwin Bai have to do many sacrifices. Kashi says she thinks about Baji all the time and have written his name in full book. Bhiu argues and asks what people will say about you. Bhiu says why anyone will say. Bhiu goes. Anubai asks Kashi not to get hurt and think about Bhiu’s words.

Baji comes home. Bhiu gets ready holding the aarti plate. Kashi takes the plate from her hand and says it is her right to greet him with aarti. She does his aarti and welcomes him calling Peshwa Saheb. He thanks her and says Peshwin Bai. He asks where is Aayi Saheb.

Mastani asks Chhatrasal to open his eyes. Jagatraj and Rani comes there. Jagatraj asks Rani if he will get well. Rani tells that she has given him poison and says he will be weak on the bed now. She says she is giving him less medicine. She says he thought to make his younger son as king, she can’t let him succeed and that’s why did this. She asks Jagatraj to become king soon and take everyone on his side before his younger brother could know anything. Mastani hears them and is shocked. Rani plans to kill Vaid if he comes to know about their truth.

Baji comes to Radha and touches her feet. Radha recalls his childhood. Baji asks if she is happy. Radha says yes. Mastani comes to Rajya Vaid’s house. He is shocked to see her and hides her in his house seeing Rani coming there. Rani knocks on the door. He opens the door. Rani says she wants to talk to him. Baji asks Radha to make him wear the turban like she did in his childhood. Radha makes him wear Peshwa’s turban and makes him have sweet.

Gangadhar tells that Peshwa is late on first day itself. Just then Baji comes and sits on his singhasan. He recalls his Baba. Chima ji says shall we start. Gangadhar says he is thinking what to say. Baji says he is here to fulfill his responsibilities rather than making fake promises.


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