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Peshwa Bajirao 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baji sharing his plan to attack Mughals through secret soldiers team. Gangadhar says how can you decide. Baji says it is his responsibility being a Peshwa. He asks Chima ji to tell the people to be alert and inform them if they see any movement. They ask who is the secret informer. Baji asks him to come. Rani asks Vaid ji why Maharaj is not getting well. She says Mastani gave him poison. Mastani is sitting there. Rani sees her while she is in veil. Mandakini comes there. Chima ji says she is the same woman who tried to drugged you. Baji says yes, and tells that she is capable for this work as she was ready to die, but didn’t tell me the name of the person who asked her to poisoned me. Gangadhar thinks of hiring her for poisoning Baji, and tells how can he trust her for this work. Mandakini says Peshwa ji is trusting her and gave her work. She will die, but will not break his trust. She sits down near Baji’s feet.

Baji asks her to get up and tells that he will follow Chatrapati Shivaji’s dream and will bring Swaraj. Mastani is grinding something with hand blender. Vaid ji tells Rani that he will send this girl to treat maharaj and give him right amount or drug. Rani thinks she don’t want Chhatrasal to get fine, and says if she leaks our secret to enemies. Vaid ji says she is dumb and deaf and will not show her face to anyone. Mastani thanks Vaid ji.

Bhiu tells Kaka to make food for Peshwa Baji. Kashi comes and asks him to food suitable for Peshwa. They both argue. Bhiu asks Kaka to make both. Kashi says Baji will decide what to eat.

Pant tries to provoke shahu ji against Baji. Shahu ji tells that it is good that you told me about this, I used to trust him, but now I am proud of him. Anubai tells Baji that Kashi and Bhiu bet that he will like the food chosen by them. Baji says he likes Khichdi, but nobody got it made and says he don’t want them to waste food like this. He says you both don’t know me. Kashi and Bhiu looks on.

Rani brings mastani to palace. Jagatraj asks why did you bring servant. Rani says she is dump and deaf and shares about her plan with him. Mastani thinks how to save Bundelkhand now.. Bhiu and Kashi have a fight over the food. Bhiu tells Kashi that she don’t take care of her husband and says tears are your only weapon. Chima ji asks kashi not to cry. Kashi says she don’t want to hear this from someone who is sitting in her mayka and don’t want to return to her husband. Radha, Baji and others are shocked. Kashi says she heard Bhiu talking to Rakhma. Rakhma says she was angry them. Radha scolds her for not informing her. Baji says he will decide now.


Peshwa Bajirao 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji asks Bhiu’s husband to take out mangalsutra from Bhiu’s neck and break their marriage.